Player Rater

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1Mark Trumbo, Bal OF, 1B, DH1.533.212.46-0.350.990.
2Kris Bryant, ChC 3B, OF2.583.022.46-0.080.800.
3Jay Bruce, Cin OF1.532.122.400.190.790.
4Wil Myers, SD OF, 1B1.962.302.162.351.
5Adam Duvall, Cin OF1.403.022.16-0.08-0.370.
6Mookie Betts, Bos OF2.901.942.102.621.310.
7Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH  DTD1.342.482.04-0.621.400.
8Nelson Cruz, Sea OF, DH1.652.662.04-0.621.
9Matt Kemp, SD OF1.091.942.04-0.62-
10Mike Trout, LAA OF2.
11Khris Davis, Oak OF, DH0.972.482.04-0.35-
12Chris Davis, Bal 1B, OF, DH2.272.481.98-0.62-0.670.
13Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF2.092.301.92-0.082.930.
14Ian Desmond, Tex SS, OF2.401.581.923.162.570.
15Adam Jones, Bal OF1.901.941.86-0.350.310.
16Jackie Bradley Jr., Bos OF1.401.401.861.271.330.
17George Springer, Hou OF2.152.121.731.00-
18Matt Holliday, StL OF0.841.761.67-0.62-0.370.
19Bryce Harper, Wsh OF1.591.941.612.08-
20Yoenis Cespedes, NYM OF1.282.481.61-0.351.
21Hanley Ramirez, Bos OF, 1B  DTD1.340.491.550.730.540.
22Ryan Braun, Mil OF0.841.401.491.002.380.
23Marcell Ozuna, Mia OF1.781.941.49-0.622.
24Gregory Polanco, Pit OF1.710.861.491.811.500.
25Nick Markakis, Atl OF0.59-0.591.37-0.62-
26Ben Zobrist, ChC 2B, OF2.090.861.370.191.610.
27Charlie Blackmon, Col OF1.711.221.371.001.700.
28Kole Calhoun, LAA OF1.530.861.37-
29Jose Bautista*, Tor OF, DH  DL151.281.221.31-0.35-
30Jayson Werth, Wsh OF1.150.861.25-0.35-
31Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF0.781.761.25-0.62-1.400.
32Stephen Piscotty, StL OF1.530.671.250.461.
33Melky Cabrera, CWS OF  DTD0.910.491.19-0.621.370.
34Brandon Moss, StL OF, 1B1.152.121.19-0.62-
35Colby Rasmus, Hou OF0.470.861.190.46-
36Lorenzo Cain*, KC OF  DL151.150.491.
37J.D. Martinez*, Det OF  DL150.971.221.19-0.350.950.
38Christian Yelich, Mia OF0.970.131.130.461.940.
39Melvin Upton Jr., SD OF1.
40Hunter Pence*, SF OF  DL150.410.311.00-0.621.
41Josh Harrison, Pit 3B, 2B, OF0.66-0.410.942.620.810.
42Nomar Mazara, Tex OF0.911.040.94-0.621.
43Coco Crisp, Oak OF1.030.310.880.73-0.530.
44Justin Upton, Det OF0.970.490.880.73-1.320.
45Michael Saunders, Tor OF1.281.760.88-0.621.
46Corey Dickerson, TB OF, DH0.101.400.88-0.62-1.500.
47Joc Pederson*, LAD OF  DL150.841.400.820.46-0.800.
48Kevin Pillar, Tor OF0.840.310.821.00-
49Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF1.341.220.76-0.08-0.870.
50Jose Ramirez, Cle SS, 2B, 3B, OF1.09-0.230.702.