Player Rater

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1Denard Span, Wsh OF S1.88-0.80-
2Ben Revere, Phi OF1.13-0.80-0.995.053.480.
3Adam Eaton*, CWS OF  DL150.94-0.800.061.162.910.
4Melky Cabrera, Tor OF1.690.822.16-0.512.320.
5Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 2B, 3B S2.811.910.412.832.
6Ben Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OF S2.250.280.941.712.
7Alex Gordon, KC OF S2.061.370.590.602.
8David Murphy*, Cle OF  DL15-0.18-0.260.41-0.511.960.
9Jason Heyward, Atl OF S0.94-0.260.761.161.930.
10Jon Jay, StL OF S0.940.
11Christian Yelich, Mia OF2.06-
12Yasiel Puig, LAD OF1.50-0.260.06-0.511.780.
13Travis Snider, Pit OF S1.322.451.81-0.511.760.
14Ryan Sweeney, ChC OF S0.570.280.41-0.511.710.
15Seth Smith, SD OF, DH0.76-0.260.76-0.511.700.
16Danny Santana, Min SS, OF S3.000.820.942.831.700.
17Starling Marte, Pit OF S1.320.820.240.601.680.
18Michael Morse, SF OF, 1B S0.200.280.41-0.511.630.
19Dustin Ackley, Sea 2B, OF  DTD1.501.371.991.711.540.
20Matt Kemp, LAD OF1.502.992.161.161.490.
21Chris Carter, Hou 1B, OF, DH S2.625.
22Nick Markakis, Bal OF S1.691.370.59-0.511.460.
23Justin Upton, Atl OF S1.882.993.22-0.511.370.
24Emilio Bonifacio, Atl 2B, OF0.57-0.26-0.811.711.360.
25Kole Calhoun, LAA OF0.940.281.460.041.330.
26Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF1.504.
27Josh Reddick, Oak OF1.881.911.11-0.511.
28Norichika Aoki, KC OF1.88-0.261.643.381.
29Ender Inciarte, Ari OF S1.50-0.26-
30Corey Dickerson, Col OF S2.062.452.52-0.511.
31Abraham Almonte, SD OF-0.18-0.26-0.29-0.511.
32Michael Brantley, Cle OF S0.940.821.811.711.
33Daniel Nava, Bos OF0.57-0.80-0.11-0.511.
34Dexter Fowler, Hou OF S-0.36-0.26-0.81-0.511.
35Matt Joyce, TB OF, DH S0.57-0.260.24-0.510.970.
36Drew Stubbs, Col OF S0.940.820.761.710.970.
37Jose Bautista, Tor OF, 1B, DH0.942.452.340.040.970.
38Carl Crawford, LAD OF1.50-0.260.594.490.920.
39Gregor Blanco, SF OF0.38-0.80-
40Tommy Medica, SD 1B, OF0.570.820.590.600.910.
41Will Venable, SD OF0.380.280.59-0.510.830.
42Marlon Byrd, Phi OF1.131.371.640.600.820.
43Moises Sierra*, CWS OF  DL15-0.74-0.80-0.810.040.770.
44Lorenzo Cain, KC OF S0.57-0.80-0.642.830.750.
45Michael Cuddyer, Col OF  DTD-0.55-0.26-0.64-0.510.740.
46Yangervis Solarte, SD OF, 2B, 3B1.880.820.94-0.510.720.
47Jayson Werth, Wsh OF S0.20-0.800.59-0.510.690.
48Kris Negron, Cin OF, 2B0.570.820.240.600.690.
49Daniel Robertson, Tex OF-0.18-0.80-0.460.040.680.
50Tyler Holt, Cle OF-1.11-0.80-0.81-0.510.650.