Player Rater

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1Chris Coghlan, ChC OF, 2B, 3B0.21-0.03-0.31-0.35-2.970.
2Desmond Jennings, TB OF0.080.35-0.05-0.07-1.690.
3Corey Dickerson, TB OF, DH  DTD0.081.470.96-0.63-1.670.
4Randal Grichuk, StL OF0.730.540.510.21-1.660.
5Curtis Granderson, NYM OF1.121.470.20-0.07-1.510.
6Enrique Hernandez, LAD 2B, OF-0.25-0.03-0.43-0.35-1.430.
7Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF0.731.661.15-0.63-1.380.
8Jake Marisnick, Hou OF-0.31-0.77-0.810.49-1.330.
9Alejandro De Aza, NYM OF-1.03-0.77-0.88-0.07-1.320.
10Byron Buxton, Min OF-0.44-0.77-0.621.04-1.300.
11Keon Broxton, Mil OF-0.83-0.77-1.071.04-
12Michael Conforto, NYM OF0.600.910.70-0.07-
13Carlos Gomez, Hou OF-0.05-0.40-0.181.60-
14Preston Tucker, Hou OF, DH-0.90-0.40-0.88-0.63-
15Justin Upton, Det OF0.990.540.830.76-
16Alex Presley, Mil OF-0.51-0.40-0.50-0.63-
17Mikie Mahtook*, TB OF  DL15-0.96-0.96-1.00-0.63-
18Dustin Ackley*, NYY OF, 1B  DL60-0.90-0.96-0.94-0.63-
19Alex Gordon, KC OF0.08-0.03-0.500.21-
20Aaron Hicks, NYY OF-0.12-0.40-0.24-0.63-
21Eddie Rosario, Min OF-0.31-0.40-0.620.21-
22Ben Revere, Wsh OF0.14-0.77-0.372.15-
23Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Mil OF-0.05-
24Jose Bautista*, Tor OF, DH  DL151.381.281.40-0.35-
25Peter O'Brien, Ari OF-0.96-0.21-0.69-0.63-
26Carl Crawford, LAD OF-0.77-0.96-0.81-0.63-0.980.
27Cedric Hunter, Phi OF-1.09-0.77-1.13-0.63-0.980.
28Darin Ruf, Phi 1B, OF-1.09-0.96-1.00-0.63-0.960.
29Mark Canha*, Oak 1B, OF  DL15-1.03-0.40-0.81-0.63-0.950.
30Chris Colabello, Tor 1B, OF  SSPD-1.29-0.96-1.13-0.63-0.940.
31Billy Burns, Oak OF0.60-0.96-0.562.99-0.900.
32Jason Heyward, ChC OF1.12-0.210.451.32-0.870.
33Joc Pederson, LAD OF0.861.470.830.49-0.840.
34Coco Crisp, Oak OF0.990.350.700.76-0.770.
35Trayce Thompson, LAD OF0.531.100.510.49-0.770.
36Chris Davis, Bal 1B, OF, DH2.352.401.97-0.63-0.770.
37Tyler Ladendorf, Oak OF, 2B-1.03-0.96-1.13-0.35-0.760.
38Scott Schebler, Cin OF-1.03-0.77-0.69-0.35-0.760.
39Anthony Gose, Det OF-0.57-0.59-0.75-0.63-0.750.
40Jorge Soler*, ChC OF  DL150.27-0.03-0.37-0.63-0.750.
41Delino DeShields, Tex OF-0.18-0.59-0.690.49-0.720.
42Chris Heisey, Wsh OF-0.83-0.21-0.88-0.63-0.720.
43Tyler Goeddel, Phi 3B, OF-0.44-0.40-0.43-0.35-0.720.
44J.B. Shuck, CWS OF-0.90-0.59-0.81-0.63-0.690.
45Taylor Motter, TB SS, OF-0.57-0.59-0.62-0.63-0.690.
46Michael Taylor, Wsh OF0.270.16-0.432.15-0.680.
47Miguel Sano*, Min DH, OF  DL150.341.100.51-0.35-0.680.
48Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF1.441.280.83-0.07-0.680.
49Andrew Romine, Det 3B, SS, OF-0.90-0.96-0.940.21-0.670.
50Kelly Johnson, NYM OF, 1B, 2B-0.44-0.40-0.37-0.07-0.650.