Player Rater

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1Billy Hamilton, Cin OF1.03-0.580.466.471.
2Starling Marte, Pit OF1.57-0.58-0.905.
3Dexter Fowler, Hou OF1.03-0.58-0.453.71-0.340.
4Michael Brantley, Cle OF2.113.362.733.711.
5Leonys Martin, Tex OF1.030.730.913.711.
6Coco Crisp, Oak OF, DH-0.060.731.372.320.950.
7Adam Jones, Bal OF1.03-0.580.462.321.
8Michael Bourn, Cle OF-0.60-0.580.462.320.610.
9Rajai Davis, Det OF1.03-0.580.012.320.630.
10Hunter Pence, SF OF1.570.73-0.452.321.580.
11Carlos Gomez, Mil OF0.490.730.012.32-0.740.
12Emilio Bonifacio, ChC 2B, OF0.49-0.58-0.452.321.360.
13Jay Bruce, Cin OF2.110.731.372.322.380.
14Desmond Jennings, TB OF0.49-0.58-0.452.321.400.
15Brandon Barnes, Col OF1.03-0.58-0.902.321.980.
16Charlie Blackmon, Col OF4.284.672.272.321.
17Norichika Aoki, KC OF1.03-0.58-0.452.320.720.
18Torii Hunter, Det OF-0.06-0.58-0.450.940.480.
19Alex Rios, Tex OF1.03-0.580.910.942.320.
20Grady Sizemore, Bos OF0.49-0.58-0.900.94-
21Kelly Johnson, NYY OF, 1B, 2B-0.60-0.58-0.450.94-0.470.
22Melky Cabrera, Tor OF2.650.730.460.942.560.
23Chris Denorfia, SD OF-0.060.730.010.942.
24Nick Markakis, Bal OF1.57-0.580.460.941.
25Angel Pagan, SF OF  DTD-1.14-0.580.010.94-0.890.
26Chris Young, NYM OF-0.60-0.580.010.94-0.750.
27Matt Kemp, LAD OF-0.06-0.580.010.94-
28Ben Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OF2.65-0.58-0.450.940.610.
29Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF2.11-0.580.910.940.
30Alejandro De Aza, CWS OF-0.06-0.580.460.94-
31Justin Upton, Atl OF0.490.730.910.94-
32Jordan Schafer, Atl OF-0.60-0.58-0.450.940.730.
33Roger Bernadina, Cin OF-0.60-0.58-0.900.94-0.470.
34Eric Young Jr., NYM OF1.03-0.58-0.900.94-1.320.
35Craig Gentry, Oak OF-1.14-0.58-0.450.94-
36Ben Revere, Phi OF0.49-0.58-0.450.941.
37Junior Lake, ChC OF-1.14-0.58-0.450.94-0.610.
38Darin Mastroianni, Tor OF-0.60-0.58-0.900.94-0.620.
39Mike Trout, LAA OF1.57-0.580.460.940.480.
40Tony Campana, Ari OF-0.06-0.58-0.900.94-
41Bryce Harper, Wsh OF-1.14-0.58-0.900.94-1.970.
42Lucas Duda, NYM OF, 1B0.490.730.010.940.
43Anthony Gose, Tor OF-1.14-0.58-0.900.94-0.310.
44J.D. Martinez, Det OF-0.06-0.580.010.94-
45Christian Yelich, Mia OF1.03-0.58-0.900.941.430.
46Josh Harrison, Pit OF-0.600.730.010.941.
47Corey Dickerson, Col OF0.490.730.010.941.
48Michael Choice, Tex OF0.49-0.580.010.940.400.
49George Springer, Hou OF-1.14-0.58-0.450.94-
50Raul Ibanez, LAA OF, DH-0.60-0.580.46-0.44-