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Player Rater

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1Darren Oliver, FA RP0.
2Andy Pettitte, NYY SP0.
3Jamey Wright, LAD RP0.
4Bartolo Colon, NYM SP0.
5Derek Lowe, Tex SP, RP0.
6Ryan Dempster, Bos SP0.
7Tim Byrdak, FA RP0.
8Bruce Chen, FA SP, RP0.
9Octavio Dotel, FA RP0.
10Roy Halladay, FA SP0.
11Freddy Garcia, FA SP, RP0.
12Ted Lilly, LAD SP0.
13Tim Hudson, SF SP0.
14A.J. Burnett, FA SP0.
15Ramon Ortiz, FA RP, SP0.
16Chad Durbin, Phi RP0.
17Barry Zito, SF SP0.
18Jon Garland, Col SP0.
19Josh Beckett, LAD SP0.
20Scott Downs, CWS RP0.
21Jason Marquis, FA SP0.
22Bronson Arroyo, FA SP0.
23Jake Westbrook, FA SP0.
24Randy Choate, StL RP0.
25Mark Buehrle, Tor SP0.
26Ryan Vogelsong, SF SP0.
27CC Sabathia, NYY SP0.
28Jon Rauch, KC RP0.
29Roy Oswalt, FA SP, RP0.
30R.A. Dickey, Tor SP0.
31Scott Atchison, Cle RP0.
32Kyle Lohse, Mil SP0.
33Brandon Lyon, NYM RP0.
34Brett Myers, Cle SP, RP0.
35Jake Peavy, Bos SP0.
36Jerome Williams, FA SP, RP0.
37Jeremy Affeldt, SF RP0.
38Aaron Harang, FA SP0.
39John Lackey, Bos SP0.
40Pedro Feliciano, NYM RP0.
41Cliff Lee, Phi SP0.
42Jeremy Guthrie, KC SP0.
43Jose Contreras, Tex RP0.
44Sean Burnett, LAA RP0.
45Luis Ayala, FA RP0.
46Adam Wainwright, StL SP0.
47Jeremy Bonderman, FA SP, RP0.
48Chris Capuano, FA SP0.
49Edgar Gonzalez, Hou SP, RP0.
50Kevin Correia, Min SP0.