Player Rater

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1Ichiro Suzuki, NYY OF0.14-0.79-
2Chone Figgins, LAD OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-
3Scott Hairston*, Wsh OF  DL15-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.530.
4David DeJesus, TB OF-0.73-0.79-1.14-0.53-
5Nate McLouth, Wsh OF-0.73-0.79-1.14-0.53-1.440.
6Chris Young, NYM OF-1.31-0.79-1.14-0.530.
7Tony Gwynn, Phi OF0.14-0.79-1.14-0.530.570.
8Michael Bourn, Cle OF-0.73-0.79-1.140.23-0.400.
9Justin Maxwell, KC OF-1.31-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.600.
10Jordan Schafer, Atl OF-1.02-0.79-1.140.23-0.700.
11Brennan Boesch, LAA OF-1.31-0.79-
12Mike Baxter, LAD OF-1.31-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.700.
13Shane Robinson, StL OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.500.
14Craig Gentry, Oak OF-0.73-0.79-1.140.990.580.
15Jarrod Dyson, KC OF  DTD-1.02-0.79-1.140.99-0.400.
16Steven Souza, Wsh OF-1.31-0.79-1.14-0.53-
17Brandon Guyer, TB OF-0.44-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.780.
18Brandon Barnes, Col OF0.14-0.79-1.140.23-0.380.
19Darin Mastroianni, Min OF-0.44-0.79-1.140.23-0.700.
20Anthony Gose, Tor OF-1.31-0.79-1.140.23-
21Cesar Hernandez, Phi OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-
22Kevin Kiermaier, TB OF-1.31-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.400.
23Corey Dickerson, Col OF-0.44-0.79-1.140.23-
24Chris Herrmann, Min C, OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.590.
25Juan Perez, SF OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.790.
26George Springer, Hou OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-
27Tyler Collins, Det OF-1.02-0.79-1.14-0.53-0.590.
28B.J. Upton, Atl OF-0.15-0.02-0.872.50-
29Josh Willingham*, Min OF, DH  DL15-0.44-0.79-0.87-0.530.
30Ryan Doumit, Atl C, OF, DH-1.31-0.79-0.87-0.53-0.780.
31Gregor Blanco, SF OF-1.02-0.79-0.87-0.53-0.780.
32Don Kelly, Det OF, 3B-0.73-0.79-0.87-0.530.390.
33Justin Ruggiano, ChC OF-0.44-0.79-0.87-0.53-0.870.
34Roger Bernadina, Cin OF-1.02-0.79-0.870.23-0.880.
35Chris Carter, Hou 1B, OF, DH-0.44-0.79-0.87-0.53-
36Josh Reddick, Oak OF-0.15-0.79-0.87-0.53-2.300.
37Jordan Danks, CWS OF-0.73-0.79-0.870.99-
38Collin Cowgill, LAA OF-0.44-0.02-0.87-0.530.490.
39Moises Sierra, Tor OF-0.73-0.79-0.87-0.53-0.970.
40Tony Campana, Ari OF-1.02-0.79-0.870.990.770.
41Billy Hamilton, Cin OF0.14-0.79-0.872.50-1.360.
42Oswaldo Arcia*, Min OF  DL15-0.73-0.79-0.87-0.53-0.970.
43L.J. Hoes, Hou DH, OF-0.73-0.02-0.87-0.53-0.390.
44Carl Crawford, LAD OF-0.15-0.79-0.602.50-
45Coco Crisp, Oak OF, DH0.43-0.02-0.602.500.380.
46Reed Johnson, Mia OF-1.02-0.79-0.60-0.53-
47Emilio Bonifacio, ChC 2B, OF1.30-0.79-0.604.771.850.
48Will Venable, SD OF-0.15-0.79-0.60-0.53-0.810.
49Dexter Fowler, Hou OF0.72-0.02-0.60-0.53-
50Peter Bourjos, StL OF0.14-0.79-0.600.23-0.380.