Player Rater

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1Chris Colabello, Tor 1B, OF-1.22-0.94-1.10-0.60-0.800.
2Mikie Mahtook*, TB OF  DL15-0.97-0.94-1.00-0.60-0.980.
3Darin Ruf, Phi 1B, OF-1.07-0.94-1.00-0.60-0.830.
4Jaff Decker, TB OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-0.510.
5Cedric Hunter, Phi OF-1.07-0.79-1.10-0.60-0.840.
6Dustin Ackley*, NYY OF, 1B  DL60-0.92-0.94-0.95-0.60-0.970.
7Jason Coats, CWS OF-1.12-0.94-1.15-0.60-0.540.
8Will Venable, LAD OF-1.12-0.94-1.15-0.60-0.530.
9Jabari Blash, SD OF-1.12-0.94-1.15-0.60-0.510.
10Tyler Ladendorf, Oak OF, 2B-0.97-0.94-1.10-0.38-0.910.
11Craig Gentry*, LAA OF  DL60-1.12-0.94-1.05-0.60-0.550.
12Collin Cowgill, Cle OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-0.310.
13Abraham Almonte, Cle OF-1.12-0.94-1.15-0.60-0.360.
14Zach Walters, LAD OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-
15Kyle Schwarber*, ChC OF, C  DL60-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-
16Carl Crawford, LAD OF-0.82-0.94-0.85-0.60-0.850.
17Ryan LaMarre, Bos OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.60-
18Todd Cunningham, LAA OF-0.97-0.94-1.10-0.60-0.440.
19Matt Tuiasosopo, Atl OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-
20Darrell Ceciliani, Tor OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-
21Ben Gamel, NYY OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.60-
22Darin Mastroianni, Min OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.38-0.340.
23Andrew Lambo*, Oak OF  DL60-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-
24Joey Gallo, Tex OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.60-
25Julio Borbon, Bal OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.60-
26Stefen Romero, Sea OF-1.17-0.94-1.05-0.60-
27Dariel Alvarez, Bal OF-1.22-0.94-1.15-0.600.
28Justin Ruggiano, Tex OF-1.22-0.94-1.10-0.60-
29David Dahl, Col OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.60-
30Chris Coghlan*, ChC OF, 2B, 3B  DL15-0.07-0.20-0.46-0.38-2.720.
31Steve Selsky, Cin OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.600.
32Daniel Robertson, Sea OF-1.17-0.94-1.10-0.600.
33Peter O'Brien, Ari OF-0.97-0.35-0.75-0.60-
34Mark Canha*, Oak 1B, OF  DL15-1.02-0.50-0.85-0.60-0.810.
35Alejandro De Aza, NYM OF-0.82-0.64-0.85-0.17-
36Ryan Kalish, ChC OF-1.17-0.94-1.05-0.600.
37Rusney Castillo, Bos OF-1.02-0.94-1.15-0.60-
38Tyler Collins, Det OF-1.07-0.64-0.95-0.60-0.410.
39Max Muncy, Oak 1B, OF-1.07-0.94-1.05-0.60-
40Yefri Perez, Mia OF-1.17-0.94-1.15-0.380.
41Matt den Dekker, Wsh OF-1.07-0.79-0.95-0.38-0.410.
42Scott Schebler, Cin OF-1.02-0.79-0.75-0.38-0.650.
43Jared Hoying, Tex OF-1.07-0.94-0.90-0.60-
44Cole Gillespie, Mia OF-0.92-0.94-0.90-0.60-
45Jerry Sands, CWS OF, DH-1.12-0.79-0.80-0.60-
46Aaron Hicks, NYY OF-0.27-0.50-0.31-0.60-1.820.
47Tony Kemp, Hou 2B, OF-1.02-0.94-1.00-0.38-
48Preston Tucker, Hou OF, DH-0.72-0.35-0.80-0.60-
49Junior Lake, Tor OF-0.97-0.79-1.05-0.38-
50Mike Aviles, Det OF, 3B, SS-0.52-0.79-0.85-0.17-