Player Rater

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1Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH S1.392.762.23-0.631.
2Marlon Byrd, Cle OF  SSPD-0.530.020.08-0.630.
3Carl Crawford, LAD OF-0.74-0.95-0.80-0.63-0.990.
4Matt Holliday, StL OF0.841.591.49-0.63-
5Nelson Cruz, Sea OF, DH1.662.562.03-0.631.
6Jeff Francoeur, Atl OF S-0.26-0.370.01-0.630.
7Melky Cabrera, CWS OF1.050.411.29-0.631.
8Franklin Gutierrez, Sea OF0.020.610.28-0.630.
9Nick Markakis, Atl OF S0.57-0.561.42-0.63-0.420.
10Matt Kemp, SD OF S1.252.172.29-0.630.410.
11Hunter Pence*, SF OF  DL150.570.411.22-0.631.
12Ryan Raburn, Col DH, OF-0.120.410.14-0.63-
13Brandon Moss, StL OF, 1B1.182.171.22-0.63-
14Steve Pearce*, TB OF, 1B, 2B, DH  DL150.290.800.48-0.631.790.
15Seth Smith, Sea OF, DH0.770.220.61-0.630.
16Justin Ruggiano, Tex OF-1.29-0.95-1.13-0.63-
17Matt Joyce, Pit OF S-0.050.410.41-0.630.500.
18Mike Aviles, Det OF, 3B, SS-0.60-0.95-0.86-0.63-0.440.
19Chris Davis, Bal 1B, OF, DH S2.212.171.62-0.63-
20Will Venable, LAD OF-1.22-0.95-1.20-0.63-
21Matt Tuiasosopo, Atl OF-1.29-0.95-1.20-0.63-
22Danny Valencia, Oak 3B, OF0.981.000.61-0.632.
23Cole Gillespie, Mia OF-0.94-0.95-0.86-0.63-
24Michael Saunders, Tor OF1.251.980.95-0.631.690.
25Dustin Ackley*, NYY OF, 1B  DL60-0.88-0.95-0.93-0.63-
26Craig Gentry*, LAA OF  DL60-1.15-0.95-1.06-0.63-0.650.
27Collin Cowgill, Cle OF-1.29-0.95-1.20-0.63-0.370.
28Chris Heisey, Wsh OF-0.81-0.17-0.86-0.63-0.640.
29Ryan Kalish, ChC OF-1.22-0.95-1.06-0.630.
30Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF S0.571.781.08-0.63-1.430.
31Eduardo Escobar, Min SS, OF S-0.26-0.560.08-0.630.610.
32Jimmy Paredes, Phi DH, OF-1.01-0.56-0.66-0.63-
33Andrew Lambo, Oak OF  DTD-1.29-0.95-1.20-0.63-
34Scott Van Slyke, LAD OF, 1B-1.15-0.76-0.86-0.63-0.480.
35Brandon Barnes, Col OF-1.15-0.95-0.93-0.63-0.620.
36J.B. Shuck, CWS OF-1.01-0.95-0.93-0.63-0.680.
37Jerry Sands, CWS OF, DH-1.15-0.76-0.73-0.63-
38Cedric Hunter, Phi OF-1.08-0.76-1.13-0.63-
39Clint Robinson, Wsh 1B, OF-1.01-0.56-0.46-0.63-
40Daniel Nava, LAA OF-0.88-0.76-0.80-0.63-0.380.
41Alex Presley, Mil OF-0.46-0.37-0.46-0.63-0.930.
42Michael Martinez, Cle OF-0.67-0.76-1.00-0.630.490.
43Ben Paulsen, Col 1B, OF-0.88-0.76-0.53-0.630.
44Anthony Gose, Det OF-0.53-0.56-0.73-0.63-0.750.
45Ryan LaMarre, Bos OF-1.22-0.95-1.20-0.63-
46Thomas Pham, StL OF-1.29-0.95-1.20-0.63-
47Jared Hoying, Tex OF-1.15-0.95-1.00-0.63-
48Todd Cunningham, LAA OF-1.08-0.95-1.20-0.63-0.370.
49Aaron Hicks, NYY OF S-0.19-0.56-0.33-0.63-0.990.
50Jaff Decker, TB OF S-1.29-0.95-1.20-0.63-0.590.