Player Rater

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51Shane Robinson, StL OF-1.09-0.87-0.98-0.57-0.710.
52Peter Bourjos, StL OF-0.20-0.34-0.460.85-0.700.
53Ryan Sweeney, ChC OF-0.57-0.34-0.30-0.57-0.690.
54Eric Young Jr., NYM OF0.79-0.69-0.514.03-0.690.
55Chris Herrmann, Min C, OF  DTD-1.04-0.87-1.09-0.57-0.670.
56Alexi Amarista, SD OF, 2B, 3B, SS S0.00-0.34-0.150.67-0.660.
57Gregor Blanco, SF OF0.06-0.69-0.251.20-0.660.
58Jason Kubel, Min OF-0.57-0.69-0.46-0.39-0.660.
59Matt den Dekker, NYM OF-0.98-0.87-1.09-0.21-0.640.
60Juan Perez, SF OF-0.88-0.69-1.03-0.57-0.640.
61Xavier Nady, SD OF-0.98-0.34-0.93-0.57-0.630.
62Jamie Romak, LAD OF-1.09-0.87-0.98-0.57-0.620.
63Chris Colabello, Min 1B, OF, DH-0.360.180.84-0.57-0.610.
64Justin Maxwell, KC OF-0.98-0.87-0.98-0.57-0.600.
65Oscar Taveras, StL OF-0.88-0.69-0.82-0.57-0.590.
66Chris Heisey, Cin OF0.00-0.17-0.410.85-0.570.
67Jake Marisnick, Mia OF-1.04-0.87-1.140.32-0.570.
68Shin-Soo Choo, Tex OF, DH1.310.710.64-0.04-0.570.
69Grady Sizemore, Phi OF-0.10-0.52-0.300.49-0.570.
70Mike Carp, Bos OF, 1B-0.72-0.87-0.67-0.57-0.520.
71Tyler Colvin, SF OF-0.36-0.52-0.20-0.39-0.480.
72Domingo Santana, Hou OF-1.14-0.87-1.14-0.57-0.480.
73Andrew Brown, NYM OF-0.88-0.52-0.77-0.57-0.460.
74Desmond Jennings, TB OF1.670.710.321.73-0.450.
75Cesar Hernandez, Phi OF, 2B, 3B-0.67-0.69-0.98-0.39-0.430.
76Sean Rodriguez, TB OF, 1B, 2B, DH0.000.890.69-0.39-0.430.
77Jonny Gomes, Bos OF-
78Tyler Moore, Wsh OF, 1B-0.88-0.34-0.56-0.57-0.410.
79Cody Ross*, Ari OF  DL15-0.72-0.52-0.56-0.57-0.390.
80Kevin Frandsen, Wsh 1B, 2B, OF-0.62-0.69-0.67-0.57-0.380.
81Anthony Gose, Tor OF-0.46-0.87-0.821.20-0.380.
82Brad Snyder, Tex OF, 1B-1.04-0.52-0.98-0.57-0.380.
83Chris Denorfia, SD OF0.11-0.69-0.300.85-0.380.
84Reed Johnson, Mia OF-0.52-0.52-0.09-0.57-0.370.
85Skip Schumaker, Cin 2B, OF-0.20-0.69-0.36-0.21-0.370.
86Brandon Barnes, Col OF0.000.01-0.360.14-0.350.
87Carl Crawford, LAD OF0.11-0.17-0.091.38-0.340.
88Zoilo Almonte, NYY OF-1.14-0.69-1.09-0.39-0.340.
89Darin Ruf, Phi 1B, OF-1.09-0.69-1.03-0.57-0.340.
90Chone Figgins*, LAD OF, 3B  DL15-0.78-0.87-1.090.14-0.330.
91Josh Reddick, Oak OF0.160.010.27-0.39-
92Donald Lutz, Cin OF-1.14-0.87-1.14-0.57-
93Andre Ethier, LAD OF0.06-0.170.79-0.39-
94Caleb Gindl, Mil OF-1.19-0.87-1.14-0.57-
95Jeff Francoeur, SD OF-1.09-0.87-1.09-0.57-
96Mike Baxter, LAD OF-1.19-0.87-1.14-0.57-
97Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF  DTD0.420.890.74-0.21-
98David Murphy, Cle OF0.470.181.37-0.21-
99Michael Martinez, Pit OF-1.14-0.87-1.14-0.57-
100Tyler Collins, Det OF-1.14-0.87-1.14-0.57-