Player Rater

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51Jeff Kobernus, Wsh OF-1.05-0.84-1.07-0.56-
52Aaron Altherr, Phi OF-1.12-0.84-1.07-0.56-
53Domingo Santana, Hou OF-1.08-0.84-1.07-0.56-0.470.
54Kyle Parker, Col OF-1.08-0.84-1.03-0.56-
55Juan Perez, SF OF-0.65-0.71-0.96-0.56-0.900.
56Donald Lutz, Cin OF-1.05-0.84-1.03-0.56-0.430.
57L.J. Hoes, Hou OF-0.69-0.46-0.67-0.56-
58Tyler Collins, Det OF-1.01-0.71-0.92-0.56-
59Stefen Romero, Sea OF-0.44-0.46-0.67-0.56-
60Michael Taylor, Wsh OF-0.94-0.71-0.89-0.56-
61Steven Moya, Det OF-1.05-0.84-1.07-0.560.
62Lane Adams, KC OF-1.08-0.84-1.07-0.56-
63Bobby Abreu, NYM OF-0.69-0.71-0.56-0.43-
64Alfonso Soriano, FA OF, DH-0.33-0.09-0.24-0.43-0.780.
65Jason Kubel, Min OF-0.69-0.71-0.60-0.43-0.500.
66Brandon Moss, Cle 1B, OF1.392.301.84-0.43-0.980.
67Seth Smith, Sea OF0.850.670.66-0.430.480.
68Travis Snider, Bal OF0.210.790.30-0.430.
69Jose Tabata, Pit OF-0.62-0.84-0.46-0.430.480.
70Tyler Colvin, Mia OF-0.55-0.59-0.42-0.43-0.460.
71Josh Reddick, Oak OF  DTD0.780.670.87-0.430.330.
72Quintin Berry, Bos OF-1.01-0.84-1.07-0.43-
73Efren Navarro, LAA 1B, OF-0.51-0.71-0.56-0.43-
74Darin Mastroianni, Phi OF-0.87-0.71-0.99-0.43-0.640.
75Jordany Valdespin, Mia OF-0.83-0.46-0.71-0.43-0.420.
76Cesar Hernandez, Phi OF-0.65-0.71-0.92-0.43-
77Oswaldo Arcia, Min OF0.531.670.98-0.43-0.860.
78Eury Perez, Atl OF-1.05-0.84-1.07-0.43-
79Zoilo Almonte, Atl OF-1.05-0.71-0.96-0.43-0.450.
80Michael Choice, Tex OF-0.400.290.23-0.43-1.860.
81Dalton Pompey, Tor OF-0.94-0.71-0.92-0.43-
82Alfredo Marte, LAA OF-0.83-0.59-0.74-0.43-0.950.
83Jorge Soler, ChC OF-0.72-0.21-0.35-0.430.350.
84Kevin Pillar, Tor OF-0.44-0.59-0.82-0.430.
85Shane Victorino, Bos OF-0.62-0.59-0.64-0.310.
86Josh Willingham, KC OF, DH0.600.920.37-0.31-
87Delmon Young, Bal OF, DH-
88Skip Schumaker, Cin OF-0.33-0.59-0.28-0.31-0.500.
89Andre Ethier, LAD OF-0.08-0.340.44-0.31-
90David Murphy, Cle OF  DTD0.310.171.02-0.310.
91Justin Ruggiano, Sea OF-0.08-0.09-0.06-0.310.600.
92Matt Joyce, LAA OF, DH0.710.290.80-0.31-
93Roger Bernadina, Col OF-0.94-0.71-0.74-0.31-0.630.
94Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF0.210.921.12-0.31-0.650.
95Cole Gillespie, Mia OF-0.80-0.71-0.89-0.31-
96Allen Craig, Bos 1B, OF0.350.170.59-0.31-1.750.
97Logan Schafer, Mil OF-0.65-0.84-0.78-0.31-0.900.
98J.B. Shuck, CWS OF-0.69-0.59-0.74-0.31-
99Bryce Harper, Wsh OF  DTD0.350.790.08-0.310.610.
100Tyler Holt, Cle OF-0.98-0.84-0.99-0.310.