Player Rater

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1Lorenzo Cain, KC OF S1.66-0.61-0.476.391.940.
2Billy Hamilton, Cin OF S0.54-0.610.536.390.340.
3Jordan Schafer, Min OF S3.35-0.613.045.032.620.
4Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF S2.223.523.043.673.
5Brock Holt, Bos 3B, SS, OF S3.35-0.61-0.973.670.320.
6Ender Inciarte, Ari OF-0.58-0.611.043.670.780.
7Mookie Betts, Bos OF S0.540.77-0.473.67-
8Jayson Werth, Wsh OF0.540.771.542.311.520.
9Emilio Bonifacio, Atl 2B, OF S-0.02-0.610.032.311.680.
10Jim Adduci*, Tex OF  DL71.10-0.61-0.972.31-0.680.
11Craig Gentry, Oak OF-0.02-0.61-0.972.31-0.980.
12Ben Revere, Phi OF S1.66-0.61-0.472.310.470.
13Jarrod Dyson, KC OF-0.58-0.611.042.310.530.
14Starling Marte, Pit OF S1.660.770.032.311.520.
15Arismendy Alcantara, ChC SS, 2B, OF1.102.151.542.311.520.
16Carl Crawford, LAD OF S0.54-0.61-0.470.950.590.
17Matt Holliday, StL OF-0.020.772.040.950.320.
18B.J. Upton, Atl OF-1.14-0.61-0.970.95-1.300.
19Delmon Young, Bal OF, DH S-0.020.770.530.950.
20Nelson Cruz, Bal OF, DH S1.100.770.030.95-0.550.
21Angel Pagan, SF OF S2.22-0.61-0.970.950.890.
22Adam Jones, Bal OF S-0.02-0.61-0.470.950.
23Carlos Gomez, Mil OF S-0.02-0.61-0.970.95-0.550.
24Steve Pearce, Bal DH, 1B, OF S2.793.520.530.950.590.
25Jay Bruce, Cin OF S0.54-0.61-0.970.95-1.420.
26Colby Rasmus, Tor OF S-0.58-0.61-0.970.95-0.520.
27Brett Gardner, NYY OF S-0.02-0.61-0.470.95-0.830.
28Dexter Fowler, Hou OF S-0.020.77-0.470.95-0.830.
29Drew Stubbs, Col OF0.54-0.61-0.470.95-
30Eric Young Jr., NYM OF-0.58-0.61-0.470.95-
31Michael Brantley, Cle OF S-0.58-0.610.530.95-
32Jesus Guzman, Hou 1B, OF-1.14-0.61-0.970.95-0.820.
33Gerardo Parra, Mil OF S-1.14-0.610.530.950.720.
34Kris Negron, Cin OF, 2B, 3B S-0.02-0.61-0.970.95-0.830.
35Dustin Ackley, Sea 2B, OF2.220.772.540.950.890.
36Chris Heisey, Cin OF-0.580.77-0.470.950.
37Leury Garcia, CWS 2B, 3B, OF-1.14-0.61-0.970.95-
38Mike Trout, LAA OF2.793.521.540.951.420.
39Daniel Nava, Bos OF S-0.02-0.61-0.970.95-
40Wil Myers, TB OF S1.100.770.030.95-
41Abraham Almonte, SD OF S-0.020.770.030.95-
42Khris Davis, Mil OF-0.58-0.610.030.95-0.370.
43Adam Eaton, CWS OF1.10-0.61-0.470.950.720.
44Yasiel Puig, LAD OF-0.02-0.61-0.970.95-
45Raul Ibanez, KC OF, DH-1.14-0.61-0.97-0.41-
46Torii Hunter, Det OF1.10-0.612.04-0.412.370.
47Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH S1.660.770.03-0.411.630.
48Ichiro Suzuki, NYY OF S0.54-0.610.03-0.412.
49Michael Cuddyer*, Col OF  DL15-1.14-0.61-0.97-0.41-
50Josh Hamilton, LAA OF, DH1.662.151.54-0.410.320.