Player Rater

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51Rajai Davis, Det OF0.530.420.941.851.450.
52Ryan Sweeney, ChC OF-0.45-0.17-0.19-0.53-0.300.
53David Murphy, Cle OF-0.25-0.170.38-0.53-1.600.
54Cameron Maybin, SD OF-0.25-0.77-0.190.07-
55Alex Gordon, KC OF-0.05-0.17-0.000.07-1.460.
56Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF0.531.021.513.031.560.
57Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF-0.64-0.17-0.57-0.53-0.450.
58Gregor Blanco, SF OF-0.05-0.17-0.950.07-1.740.
59Hunter Pence, SF OF2.100.420.190.071.400.
60Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF2.492.802.643.632.
61Ryan Braun, Mil OF1.120.421.700.661.730.
62Alejandro De Aza, CWS OF0.93-0.77-0.191.851.410.
63Don Kelly, Det OF, 1B, 3B-0.64-0.77-0.950.
64Carlos Gomez, Mil OF0.730.420.573.
65Garrett Jones, Mia 1B, OF-0.45-0.17-0.19-0.53-
66Nate Schierholtz, ChC OF-0.250.420.190.07-1.600.
67Ryan Raburn, Cle OF, DH-0.45-0.17-0.38-0.53-0.990.
68Justin Upton, Atl OF1.321.
69Brandon Moss, Oak 1B, OF1.512.211.13-0.530.790.
70Brad Snyder, Tex OF, 1B-1.03-0.17-0.95-0.53-
71Steve Pearce, Bal DH, 1B, OF2.302.801.510.660.910.
72Justin Maxwell, KC OF-1.23-0.77-0.95-0.53-
73Sam Fuld, Min OF0.93-0.170.573.631.980.
74Seth Smith, SD OF, DH0.731.02-0.00-0.530.
75Justin Ruggiano, ChC OF0.530.421.130.661.510.
76Jay Bruce, Cin OF1.321.612.080.07-0.840.
77Jordan Schafer, Atl OF-0.64-0.77-1.131.85-0.660.
78Colby Rasmus, Tor OF0.341.610.570.66-
79Denard Span, Wsh OF1.51-0.77-0.571.851.
80Sean Rodriguez, TB OF, 1B, 2B, DH-
81Matt Joyce, TB OF, DH0.931.611.51-0.530.580.
82Mike Aviles, Cle 3B, 2B, SS, OF-1.03-0.77-0.760.070.610.
83Brett Gardner, NYY OF1.511.021.130.07-0.690.
84Travis Snider, Pit OF-0.64-0.17-0.57-0.530.390.
85Chris Dickerson, Cle DH, OF-0.050.42-0.57-0.531.
86Will Venable, SD OF-0.25-0.17-0.571.25-0.790.
87Dexter Fowler*, Hou OF  DL15-1.03-0.17-0.95-0.53-0.670.
88Peter Bourjos, StL OF-0.45-0.17-0.761.850.590.
89Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF-0.84-0.77-0.950.07-0.510.
90Austin Jackson, Det OF1.90-0.770.190.660.900.
91Jose Tabata, Pit OF  DTD-1.23-0.77-1.13-0.53-0.330.
92Chris Carter, Hou 1B, OF, DH0.932.800.940.
93Jason Heyward, Atl OF1.32-0.170.750.66-0.760.
94Drew Stubbs, Col OF0.732.800.941.851.
95Mike Carp, Bos OF, 1B-1.03-0.77-0.57-0.53-
96Jon Jay, StL OF-0.05-0.77-0.571.
97Eric Young Jr., NYM OF-0.05-0.77-0.574.22-
98Chris Coghlan, ChC OF2.301.
99John Mayberry Jr., Phi OF, 1B-0.84-0.17-0.95-0.53-1.600.
100Michael Brantley, Cle OF2.101.612.080.661.890.