Drafts: Offline
The Offline Draft option is only available in League Manager (LM) leagues. If your league is set up to use the Offline Draft option, you and your fellow team owners will conduct your own draft without the aid of ESPN's online draft system. A common example of this is for leagues that gather together every year at a house or in a bar and draft in person. It's "old-school" and alot of fun!

The format of an Offline Draft is up to the league members themselves though they should use the established league settings as a basis. In order for an Offline Draft to work, it is critical that someone records each team's draft picks. With ESPN this can be done in one of two ways: First, if no computer is available, it is usually done on a paper draft board. If a league member has a computer available for the draft, the League Manager can sign into the league with his credentials and download the new ESPN offline draft application (explained below).

NOTE: The new offline draft application does not support keepers and LMs will need to use the web based tool to support an offline draft with rostered keepers.

After your offline draft is done, you must submit the results to our system via the Enter Offline Draft Results page accessible on both the League Office and League Manager Tools page. There is no time limit on this process but it should be done as soon as possible after the league's offline draft is complete so all team owners can start managing their teams. When you begin the process of entering the draft picks, the league converts into Draft Mode and when that happens several of the league settings lock until you finish entering all the results into the system.

You will need to use the Submit Draft Results form to enter your league's offline draft results. Simply highlight a player's name on the left Select Player area and click the right arrow to move that player into the Draft Player to Team area. Once you have done this for every player the team owner drafted, submit the results by clicking on the Save button. Once you have done this for every team, you can then submit the entire league's draft into our system.

After the League Manager has finished entering all the draft results for your league, the system will need a few minutes to process and convert the league into regular- season mode so owners can start managing their teams. All owners will receive an e-mail notifying them that the draft is complete.


ESPN now offers a fantasy football draft option that allows you to download your league settings to a new desktop application. Users can download it before their draft and then easily upload all draft roster results upon completion of the offline draft. This application replaces the offline draft board. Here's how it works.

During the league creation process (or directly after), the LM Tools Tab will now show "Download Offline Draft App" as an option under "DRAFT TOOLS". Also, when setting up the league, users are prompted to download the draft app as well (if selecting an offline draft).

Or, when setting up your league, as the LM (League Manager) you will see an ESPN NOTICE on the League Homepage. Click on the "Learn More" link to go to the following Offline Draft options page.

Select the "Offline Draft App" to experience the new tool (click "Use Offline Draft App" button). Click on "Download league settings". This will build the league settings into the offline draft application before it starts. Next click "Download/Launch the App". The App installer will run (uses Adobe AIR 2.0.3).

Set Your Draft Order
When you first launch your league the system will ask you to set your draft order. Drag and drop the team names into the appropriate order and click the SAVE button to proceed to start the draft. Note: If you need to edit your draft order after league is first launched you must RESET your league first (by clicking on the top-right "Draft Manager" link).
Draft Order
Start of the draft
After your draft order is set the draft is ready to begin. When the app loads the pick timer will not automatically start. To adjust the default time of 90 seconds per pick and/or start the timer click on the appropriate action buttons. To draft a player start by typing in the first few characters of his last name in the "Selected Player" textbox. Note: When the draft loads the default tab which controls what is displayed on the bottom half of the app will be set to the DRAFT BOARD.
Draft Board Start
Pick Timer
Using the Pick Timer is completely optional and by default the system allots 90-seconds per pick with both the buzzer and 10-second warning options set as "Off". To edit these click on the tools (wrench) icon and change them to suit your preferences. Note: If the pick timer counts down to 0 the pick will NOT automatically advance. It will only advance to the next team after a pick is made.
Draft Clock
Select Player
There are two ways to draft a player in the app: 1) by typing in a player's name into the "Selected Player" textbox or 2) by navigaing to the PLAYER BOARD and clicking on a player name (explained below). To draft via the "Selected Player" text start by typing in the first few characters of a player's last name. This will search the list of available players in a dropdown format. Find and click on the specific player you searching for to load them into the "Selected Player" textbox.
Select Player
Draft Player and Undo Pick
Once a player's full name is loaded into the "Selected Player" textbox the DRAFT PLAYER button displayed on the right-side of the app will activate (turn red). Click on the DRAFT PLAYER button to draft that player to a team. Doing this will advance the draft to the next team and the pick timer will reset if its active. If an incorrect player is drafted, click on the UNDO PICK button to delete the previous pick. You can undo picks as far back in the draft as you want.
Draft Player
Player Board
The PLAYER BOARD view is where you can view all players/teams available in the app. The list of players/teams matches that of the actual season draft ranks which makes finding players easier. There are two ways to draft players in this view 1) by clicking on a players name and then the DRAFT PLAYER button or 2) by simply double-clicking a player's name. Once a pick is made the NOW PICKING area will advance to the next team where the same process can be done to select the next player. By default the "Show unavailable" checkbox will not be selected but if you want to change this to include players who have already been selected you can check it. Note that if a position maximum is reached, players from that position will no longer be displayed.
Player Board
Draft Board (in-progress)
At any point during the draft you can toggle in-between the different views. The screenshot to the right is an example of how the DRAFT BOARD appears while a draft is in-progress. The app will work in the traditional "snake" draft format for example 1-10, 10-1, 1-10, 10-1, etc.
Draft Board
Roster Board
The ROSTER BOARD view displays each team in their traditional roster view much like the in-game team clubhouse view. This is a good view to see which team has filled which roster slots and which have not. See the screenshot to the right for how the ROSTER BOARD appears after all picks have been made.
Roster Board
Draft Completed
After the last pick of the draft has been entered into the app a "Draft Completed" screen will appear with options to 1) UPLOAD NOW or 2) UPLOAD LATER. If you are currently connected to the Internet you can click the UPLOAD NOW button that will prompt a new browser window to complete uploading your league's draft results. If you are not connected to the Internet click the UPLOAD LATER to close the prompt and view the app as you previously were.
Draft Board
If you still have questions please call 1-888-549-ESPN for help or submit your feedback to help us improve.

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