Draft Methods
Draft Overview
The draft is an important factor in having a successful season. Teams which begin with a strong draft will most likely find themselves in good shape for the remainder of the season. There are four draft options available for fantasy baseball: Autopick, Live Online, Offline, and Auction Draft. If you are drafting in a standard league, each team receives 25 players during the draft, for a total of 250 players in a 10-team league (though Free Standard leagues offer 8 and 12 team options also). In Custom leagues, your final player total will be dependent on your roster settings.

Team owners have the option of four different draft methods (click on a draft type below to see specific rules):

1. Autopick draft
2. Live Online draft
3. Offline Draft (Custom Leagues Only)
4. Auction Draft


The Live Draft Lobby is where it all starts once you are ready to join a Free Standard, Custom or Prize-Eligible league. Once you're there, click on a room name. If you are ready, click here to go to the Live Draft Lobby.

NOTE: The listed Standard League names are for quick identity purposes only, and will change to generic league names, which you can customize by league vote after the draft is complete. After entering the lobby you will see the "Join This League" button. Another method is to locate a Free Standard or Prize-Eligible league via the League Directory.

After you successfully join a lobby league, your team name and info will appear on the page in bold. The league's draft start time is displayed in the middle of the page and on the countdown clock below it.

NOTE: In order for a league draft in the live draft lobby to move into drafting mode, all Open Slots must be filled before the listed draft start time. If open slots remain, try recruiting members to join via the message board or simply wait hoping the room will fill itself in time (the page automatically reloads itself every 30 seconds). Any live draft Lobby league (ESPN created league) that is not full before the draft start will have their draft time continually pushed back in five minute intervals until the league is filled.

NOTE: Once your draft has filled, it will convert once the scheduled time arrives.

If your league is full at the listed start time the lobby room page will automatically reload itself with a link to Launch Draft.

The Mock Draft Lobby is a great way to practice drafting. It works in the same way as the Live Draft Lobby. The only difference is the Mock Draft does not count! The Mock Draft Lobby can be used for draft practice or for testing purposes. We encourage you to try it out and practice drafting from different draft positions (we all can't get the first draft pick). Good luck with your season!

If you are interested, click here to go to the fantasy baseball Mock Draft Lobby.