Can I trade draft picks?
DRAFT PICK TRADING (League Manager Leagues ONLY)
Owners in LM leagues can make trades involving draft picks. These types of transactions can only take place prior to the Keeper deadline for LM Leagues. Trades can be made involving exchanges of draft picks only, or trading some combination of player(s) and draft picks. It is important to note that you are trading for an owner's pick in a given round, and there is no assurance that the overall slot will remain the same.

    EXAMPLE: You trade your first-round pick (2nd overall for Team A) for another owner's first-round pick (5th overall for Team B) and fifth-round pick (Team B) . Following processing of the trade, if the League Manager manipulates the initial draft order and Team B now has the 8th pick overall, that is the pick that you will end up receiving (not the 5th overall pick). It would then be your responsibility to discuss this matter with your League Manager.

If you trade and receive a net total of draft picks greater than the number of rounds in the draft then the draft will end and you will not acquire any players following the pick in which you complete your roster maximum.

    EXAMPLE: You have 12 draft picks after trading and your draft is scheduled to run for 10 rounds. After 10 picks (no matter what round) your draft would end. You will be able to watch the draft process, but when it reaches your selection you will be skipped over and no players will be added to your team.