How do I propose / accept a trade?
To propose a trade, go to another person's main team page, click "propose trade" and select the player(s) you wish to receive. You will then be asked which of your player(s) you want to trade and be asked how long you wish the trade offer to be active for. You will be given the option of sending the owner an email explaining your interest in conjunction with the deal, or you can offer the trade without sending a corresponding email. After the trade offer is submitted, the system will display a pending move on your team page, as well as on the other owner's page. In addition, the owner may receive an email informing them of the proposal had you selected that option during the trade offer process.

That team owner can then go to his/her team page to review the deal, and either accept or decline it. If no action is taken within the specified number of days, the system will automatically cancel the trade offer. The pending move will then disappear on both team pages. And remember, the team owner can review and accept or decline it right from his/her Android or Apple mobile device (via the Fantasy Baseball app) if away from the computer!

If the trade is rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of that result. If the offer is accepted, your entire league will be notified via email and the other team owners can review it based on your league settings. In Custom leagues, if a team has multiple owners either of them can individually accept (or decline) the trade offer.