How do game limits work?
Beginning with the 2012 season - points for wins was reduced to 5, matchup acquisition limits were removed and a game start limit of 12 per matchup was insitututed. Custom/LM leagues are still able to change Acquisition Limits.

NOTE: Game Limits apply to Pitchers only with the default for Game Starts set to 12 maximum. This means if you hit your limit of 12 game starts on Saturday, you would not receive pitching stats for the next day. If a team exceeds the pitching max in the middle of a day, the team will continue to accumulate pitching stats until the end of the day.

ESPN Fantasy Baseball enforces a maximum number of acquisitions allowed per head-to-head matchup. An "acquisition" is defined as a player added from free agency (or waivers) to a team's roster. For the typical week during the season where there are 7 MLB gamedays, the limit is seven (7) acquisitions allowed. For the 2-week matchups during the H2H playoffs the limit is fourteen (14) acquisitions allowed.

Once the acquisitions limit is reach, a team will no longer be able to add players until the following matchup begins. Note that under this rule change, the system will not enforce any maximum number of games started for pitchers in the H2H game. This rule was instituted to protect against teams who streamed players on the last day each week and we hope it provides a better experience managing your team.

Acquisition limits notes:

  • There is no limit on acquisitions before the season begins. The system only starts enforcing the rule on the first day of the season.
  • Dropping player(s) or receiving player(s) via a trade does not count against your acquisition limit.
  • There is no limit to the number of acquisitions allowed per day (as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum for the matchup). You can add 7 players to your team on a single day, or balance them out throughout the matchup (ie, 2 on Tuesday, 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday). Since player additions lock at the first game of the day, the weekly transition for acquisition limits takes place with the first game played on Sunday.
  • In Standard leagues, matchups with more than 7 days will allow more than 7 acquisitions in the matchup period. For instance, the matchup directly following the All-Star break is 14 days, so the limit that week will be 14 acquisitions.
  • Your team's current acquisition limit balance is displayed on three pages within the game - your "My Team" and "H2H Box Score" page, as well as the "Players" pages (free agency/waivers). The league "Standings" page will continue to display the total number of acquisitions made for the entire season.

One aspect of strategy in fantasy baseball is not simply knowing who to start but when to start them. As such it is important to pay attention to your pitchers game started when setting your lineup. ESPN's Standard League game does NOT allow for unlimited streaming of pitchers. Listed below are the game start limits for both the ROTO scoring formats.

    Roto - games started maximums
  • Batters - Unlimited starts - No maximums
  • Pitchers - Limited starts - Maximum of 200 games started

NOTE: If a team exceeds the 200 games started max in the middle of a day, the team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day.

NOTE 2: On the day after the 200 games-started limit is reached, stats accumulated by a pitcher starting a game will no longer count towards your team's total. Stats accumulated by pitchers in relief of a starter will continue to count towards your team's total.

    Head to Head - game started maximums
  • Batters - Unlimited starts - No maximums
  • Pitchers - Unlimited starts - No maximums