How do stat minimums affect matchup scores?
Leagues using category-based scoring, such as rotisserie or H2H Each and Most, can impose a minimum for a given stat. Teams that fail to reach the minimum are ineligible to win any categories that depend on it. For example, it's common for leagues to require a minimum number of Innings Pitched (IP) in order for teams to qualify to win average categories such as Earned Run Average (ERA) and Walk plus Hit per Inning Pitched (WHIP). Stat minimums, if used, are highlighted on the Scoring tab of the League Settings page. In H2H leagues, any category subject to a minimum will be displayed in italics on scoreboard and boxscore pages until such time as a team reaches the minimum. A team that reaches the minimum is considered to be winning any such category if that team's opponent hasn't reached the minimum, regardless of score. In the event that neither team reaches the minimum, the categories are considered to be tied, again regardless of score. In rotisserie leagues, since minimums apply to the entire season, teams will accrue stats, and league standings will display without italics. At the conclusion of the season, if a team fails to reach the minimum, it will fall to the bottom of the league standings for those categories.

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