Roto Leaderboard


1Fowler and Most Unnatural (Philadelphia Roto Auction...)Matthew Sullivan98.989810138.15
2RICH HENS VII (St. Louis Roto Auction 10...)stephen henrich98.786510136.71
3The Bryce is Right (Texas Roto 27169)Andy E97.730710135.58
4Team 7 (Arizona Roto 84520)Devin Detjens98.076210135.23
5Team Patin (Seattle Roto 172008)Shaw Patin96.700910134.51
6Max Perver (New York Roto Auction 96286)Matthew Sullivan96.5.353010134.39
7San Francisco KIM (Coastal Carolina)ERIC KIM94.5.948110133.96
8djcurveball 6 (Kansas City Roto Auction ...)david jones94.5.795210133.24
9Gerrit Cole Border Patrol (Chicago Roto Auction 77618)Matthew Sullivan94.5.777510133.19
10Chicago Whales (Detroit Roto Auction 108352)James Walker94.5.692410132.99
11*Kaline * (San Diego Roto 111258)D George94.5.658010132.92
12Nothing Beats an Auction (Pittsburgh Roto Auction 1...)Buck TFL Adams93.5.923710132.77
13Team Willis (Atlanta Roto 40658)Tyler Willis95.239710132.68
14MS Architects (Toronto Roto 26923)Brian Norris93.962010132.62
15Team GRABER (Washington Roto 127951)DAVID GRABER94.737910132.59
16Team looo (Lets play 2)hooo looo93.5.883410132.56
17Appleton's Joes Pros (Chicago Roto 48870)joseph montour94.5.418710132.50
18Spokane Sharks (_The Inception League)ray henderson93.944510132.43
19Abreu Must Save Fantasia (Colorado Roto Auction 98505)Matthew Sullivan93.936610132.36
20Bleedin Cubbie Blue (Tampa Bay Roto 34069)frank zickar94.621810132.35
21Joe Morgan Bats L Leans R (Cleveland Roto Auction 76510)Matthew Sullivan93.5.805910132.27
22Zinn Chomsky (New York Roto 104112)Cory Cozad93.5.731010132.08
23Yard Sale (Arizona Roto Auction 183883)James Bennett94.462910132.07
24Monster Seats (Miami Roto 90535)LeDon Roberts93.5.574510131.77
25Hi Desert Heatwave VIII (161st and River Ave)james myrick93.770210131.67
26Team 10 (Oakland Roto 179164)Pat Erickson94.232110131.66
27Blazing Pines XVII (Arizona Roto 81268)Dustin Mullins92.5.886110131.57
28VOICE OF DERBY LANE (Cleveland Roto 116671)jim peake93.5.346210131.38
29Team Phillips (Toronto Roto 104721)Clay Phillips94.5.015110131.25
30Team 3 (Boston Roto 110660)scott cranston94.066010131.19
31AHSOKA TANO JEDI APPRENTICE (Kansas City Roto 176645)Julie Cooke93.507710131.15
32Big Bucks (Minnesota Roto 156053)Paul Proc92.5.728510131.07
33NY Doc Goodens (Philadelphia Roto Auction...)Cobey Lexie93.429710131.02
34sask kiehn (The Campions)robbie kiehn100.000110130.97
35Team trombetta (Chicago Roto 130719)tom trombetta91.5.932910130.83
36Team Jhon (Milwaukee Roto 186599)H Jhon92.812110130.79
37Team 8 (Cleveland Roto 87130)Ed Warnick93.277510130.75
38Won't Get Fuld Again (Cincinnati Roto Auction 6...)Matthew Sullivan91.5.909210130.69
39Heaven Help Us (Cleveland Roto Auction 57840)Buck TFL Adams92.777710130.69
40Team Hammond (Cincinnati Roto 125626)Dar Hammond92.5.521910130.67
41Black Sun Morneau (Milwaukee Roto Auction 10...)Matthew Sullivan91.5.898510130.64
42Team Flanagan (Atlanta Roto 159820)John Flanagan93.198610130.59
43Team Weber (New York Roto 151452)Stephen Weber92.675310130.45
44Team Leone (Kansas City Roto 28079)Danielle Leone92.657410130.42
45Team Grant (San Francisco Roto 46099)Colin Grant92.5.335310130.36
46Team ND6 (New York Roto 184016)AL Poe92.5.331610130.35
47Roto Five (Houston Roto 49811)Steven Petersell92.606510130.33
48Team Vandenbrand (Atlanta Roto Auction 34926)Matt Vandenbrand91.928510130.30
49Team young (San Francisco Roto 142657)dylan young92.5.282410130.26
50Team 7 (Boston Roto 116125)Eric Jones93.084810130.26

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has accumulated. In Roto leagues this is the number of total roto points the team has accumulated, and in H2H leagues is the team's regular-season winning percentage x 100.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FLB. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE):
All Standard FLB leagues have 10 teams.

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = TM PTS + League Points (displayed on League Production page)

* - Team is not first place team in league.

Note that this leaderboard is unofficial until deemed final by the Office of the Commisioner at the conclusion of the FLB season. All teams are subject to the Legal Restrictions. Teams must be drafted by Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time and must win their league championship to be eligible for an overall prize. Residents of certain states are not eligible for overall prizes. Top teams will be inspected for collusion and disqualified if necessary. In the event of a tie, a team's League Index will be carried out to as many decimal places as necessary to determine a winner.