H2H Each Category Leaderboard


1caa jjunn (New York H2H 159091)58-8-4Shaw Patin85.71.749810120.19
2The Tom Bradys Aka Cheaters (The Poon Stars)57-9-4Octavio Manriquez84.29.744110118.73
3Team Weems (Colorado H2H 91146)56-11-3Chris Weems82.14.911410118.04
4ARC 44 (Colorado H2H 28524)56-10-4ARC ARC82.86.812310117.79
5Jake from State Farm (Dodgersbaseball16)54-10-6Jacob Luevano81.43.897010117.15
6Lightsaber Metrics (Chicago H2H 119728)57-11-2Daniel Carstens82.86.640410116.68
7BUCK WHEAT (Los Angeles H2H 165900)56-13-1Jack Arena80.71.915110116.65
8HOT PIZZA (Toronto H2H 35206)57-9-4steven arena84.29.302210116.24
9Cutch Rules (California Bombers)55-11-4Rick Miles81.43.726210115.76
10MoneyBallers XXXXXXX (The Church of Baseball)52-14-4Brandon Dickison77.14.995110115.60
11Team Brennan (East Coast League)55-9-6Andrew brennan82.86.437710115.60
12Team Misfits (Philadelphia H2H 175124)55-13-2Mike McEvers80.861310115.34
13Sawmill Bats (Boston H2H 187977)54-11-5Jeff Huffman80.71.758610115.25
14bad santas (Tampa Bay H2H 104872)58-11-1jan janikowski83.57.247410115.14
15California 69ers (Cincinnati H2H 29303)55-14-1SETH KATZ79.29.897710115.01
16Thunder Cats (New York H2H 113213)54-15-1Andrew Stro77.86.971610114.88
17Michigan Militia (Atlanta H2H 181577)53-13-4Mr Elite78.57.929410114.72
18fla piggys pride (Husker Madness)52-13-5john wimberly77.86.964910114.71
19Team Moyer (Eastside vs. Westside)55-15T. J. Moyer78.57.921910114.59
20Boog Powell Jim Palmer (Baltimore H2H Auction 170061)54-12-4Joe Cool80.759210114.54
21Bomberz 3 (New York H2H 117516)53-13-4Junior McElroy78.57.907410114.41
22X-Wing @Aliciousness (Philadelphia H2H Auction ...)55-12-3Jeff Fell80.71.616410114.41
23I WILL BREAK YOU! (Cleveland H2H 118472)56-11-3mitch babbitt82.14.347510114.37
24Team Spartan (Detroit H2H 37846)53-11-6David Moore80.723110114.31
25yard bogaard (Chicago H2H Auction 81966)58-10-2godfried bogaard84.29.072710114.14
26MURPHY'S LAW (Colorado H2H 25531)55-14-1David Ellis79.29.763810113.86
27ZZZZZ1 z1 (Washington H2H Auction 63469)56-11-3tim chen82.14.263510113.83
28Team Kiser (Toronto H2H 153376)55-15Brandon Kiser78.57.849110113.80
29Joe Ross Is Boss (The Dugout 45)51-15-4Jonathan Wilson75.71.989510113.66
30Los Cubanos (Kansas City H2H 122270)53-13-4jayson fernandez78.57.809410113.47
31Team Sudduth (Love of the Game)55-15Eric Sudduth78.57.787510113.31
32Wilco Tango Foxtrot (Baltimore H2H Auction 89717)53-15-2Mark Leib77.14.928210113.27
33Billy Ocean's Eleven (Detroit H2H 160328)51-14-5Kyle Bodine76.43.958710113.10
34Third Base (Arizona H2H 124771)54-14-2rick smith78.57.738710112.98
35Mookie on these Balls (Baltimore H2H 165566)53-14-3Landon Rogers77.86.835610112.97
36Team Jones (Husker Heaven)52-13-5Don Jones77.86.834710112.96
37Texas A and M (Cincinnati H2H Auction 68456)53-11-6kurt whited80.470410112.92
38The Ice King (Atlanta H2H 60905)54-9-7Mark Tommaseo82.14.143210112.87
39Team hodgson (Los Angeles H2H 86768)54-15-1mark hodgson77.86.821110112.86
40Team bablak (Pittsburgh H2H 137690)52-14-4mark bablak77.14.881810112.71
51-18-1thomas housel73.57.997510112.55
42LAX90045 holdthebag (Manhattan Beach Baseball)52-16-2paul thiele75.71.964410112.54
43Shane Gangers (Los Angeles H2H Auction 8...)54-12-4James Thomason80.363710112.33
44Team yard goats 21 (New York H2H 41459)53-14-3thomas ortega77.86.745510112.31
45Miami Rafters (San Francisco H2H 99187)53-15-2dean de la sota77.14.832010112.22
46Team eberly (Colorado H2H 171222)54-13-3scot eberly79.29.455010112.12
47Team poast (New York H2H 25541)52-15-3ike poast76.43.894210112.11
48Clark's Video 4 (New York H2H Auction 48046)53-14-3Rusty Clark77.86.711210112.08
49Team Boleyn (MLB 2K16)55-14-1Jared Boleyn79.29.418810111.93
50Team Alien BS 3 (Texas H2H 86127)53-15-2Osvaldo Quiles77.14.791410111.91

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has accumulated. In Roto leagues this is the number of total roto points the team has accumulated, and in H2H leagues is the team's regular-season winning percentage x 100.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FLB. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE):
All Standard FLB leagues have 10 teams.

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = TM PTS + League Points (displayed on League Production page)

* - Team is not first place team in league.

Note that this leaderboard is unofficial until deemed final by the Office of the Commisioner at the conclusion of the FLB season. All teams are subject to the Legal Restrictions. Teams must be drafted by Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time and must win their league championship to be eligible for an overall prize. Residents of certain states are not eligible for overall prizes. Top teams will be inspected for collusion and disqualified if necessary. In the event of a tie, a team's League Index will be carried out to as many decimal places as necessary to determine a winner.