Roto Leaderboard


1Angels in the Troutfield (MLB The Show 16)Harrison G99.998210140.17
2Arizona DUImondbacks (Tampa Bay Roto Auction 69325)Matthew Sullivan100.962210139.85
3Lampshades On Fiers (Oakland Roto Auction 61043)Matthew Sullivan100.706210138.32
4Gerrit Cole Border Patrol (Chicago Roto Auction 77618)Matthew Sullivan100.699810138.30
5Abreu Must Save Fantasia (Colorado Roto Auction 98505)Matthew Sullivan99.904110138.17
6Team Kennaugh (Silver Valley League 1)Michael Kennaugh98.951010137.69
7Won't Get Fuld Again (Cincinnati Roto Auction 6...)Matthew Sullivan99.761810137.48
8Official White Sox Team Nanny (Chicago Roto Auction 103212)Matthew Sullivan99.682710137.25
9Port Charlotte Cartel (You think you can win)bill fuhrman98.908410137.20
10Joe Morgan Bats L Leans R (Cleveland Roto Auction 76510)Matthew Sullivan98.888310137.06
11LaStella Was A Diver (New York Roto Auction 53750)Matthew Sullivan98.870110136.95
12Quentin Punk Rock Episode (Arizona Roto Auction 70292)Matthew Sullivan98.856310136.88
13Black Sun Morneau (Milwaukee Roto Auction 10...)Matthew Sullivan98.793710136.60
14Max Perver (New York Roto Auction 96286)Matthew Sullivan99.321810136.38
15Slow Moving Caravan (Baltimore Roto 141888)David Ko98.5.539210136.37
16The Bryce is Right (Texas Roto 27169)Andy E99.300610136.34
17Ortiz Droppin' F- Bombs (Philadelphia Roto 137887)MC Chauvin98.5.516510136.32
18Red Lawrie Yellow Lawrie (Arizona Roto Auction 58372)Matthew Sullivan97.853610135.86
19Semien Stains the Mtn Tops (Kansas City Roto Auction ...)Matthew Sullivan97.840710135.79
20Team Graham (Texas Roto 152437)Quint Graham97.840010135.79
21FOGHORN LEGHORN Wilson (Los Angeles Roto Auction ...)Barbara Wilson96.950310135.68
22Talk To Me Goose! (Chicago Roto 156391)CP B97.814310135.67
23Team Henderson (Detroit Roto 87884)Dan Henderson97.807510135.65
24Top Noodle (Kansas City Roto 60413)Anthony Novak97.789210135.58
25Go O's (New York Roto 180693)Thomas Scholtes98.297010135.33
26Columbus Blue Jackets (Minnesota Roto 152480)Jake Mueller97.696710135.29
27Wicked Warriors (Los Angeles Roto 131161)steve o'neil97.5.442510135.17
28Team Ogg3 (Oakland Roto 36491)Richard Ogg96.900010135.14
29Team moore (Arizona Roto 184667)david moore97.575410134.96
30Green Bay Attackers (Bucco Nation 2016)mark kensel96.872010134.95
31Team Youppi (diehardfansonly)Kevin McGuire95.964910134.89
32Team Macy (Miami Roto 186535)Chris Macy97.532110134.86
33Team Plumbus2 (Tampa Bay Roto Auction 26210)Lyndon Duplessis96.851510134.85
34Team Chanin (Washington Roto 82704)Jonathan Chanin96.846210134.82
35Batter Up (Atlanta Roto Auction 98691)Charles Delaney97.514610134.82
36M4 Invincibles (Golden Sombrero Club_2016)Satoshi Matsunaga93.999910134.80
37Big Papi (Boston Roto 65898)Danny Schlaefer97.457310134.69
38Team Sparky (Kansas City Roto Auction ...)Dan Hanson97.426110134.63
39Team Hager (Minnesota Roto 156699)Chad Hager96.5.635310134.62
40Beach Bums (MLB 2016)Dan Carroll95.945510134.60
41Team 4 (Houston Roto 176423)Matt Weimer95.5.885510134.53
42Fowler and Most Unnatural (Philadelphia Roto Auction...)Matthew Sullivan94.989310134.46
43Lofton for hall of fame (Minnesota Roto 62027)David Berger97.329310134.40
44RICH HENS VII (St. Louis Roto Auction 10...)stephen henrich96.693610134.28
45Team barnett (New York Roto 129632)larry barnett96.692110134.27
46Seattle Sheep Shippers (Cincinnati Roto 177437)Jim Fowlkes95.896410134.11
47LB Kershaw and Strasburg (Uber Wars R6)Larry Leskiw93.997410134.05
48Team Palmiere (Kansas City Roto 78908)John Palmiere96.567010133.94
49Karl Farbman (Cincinnati Roto 145696)David Ezra96.547310133.90
50All Cats Are Greinke (Miami Roto Auction 71540)Matthew Sullivan94.5.927710133.88

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has accumulated. In Roto leagues this is the number of total roto points the team has accumulated, and in H2H leagues is the team's regular-season winning percentage x 100.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FLB. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE):
All Standard FLB leagues have 10 teams.

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = TM PTS + League Points (displayed on League Production page)

* - Team is not first place team in league.

Note that this leaderboard is unofficial until deemed final by the Office of the Commisioner at the conclusion of the FLB season. All teams are subject to the Legal Restrictions. Teams must be drafted by Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time and must win their league championship to be eligible for an overall prize. Residents of certain states are not eligible for overall prizes. Top teams will be inspected for collusion and disqualified if necessary. In the event of a tie, a team's League Index will be carried out to as many decimal places as necessary to determine a winner.