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OTM Varitek League 2013 Regular Season Final Standings

The Laser Show1911.929--
Ump Show Chronicles1560.7144.5
Saskatoon's Box1560.7144.5
Letters From Okajima1290.5717.5
Team AL MVP1191.5488
Paranoid Androids11100.5248.5
Danville Inators11100.5248.5
Springfield Sioux10110.4769.5
Providence Blademasters10110.4769.5
This is MY F-ING TEAM9120.42910.5
Smooth As Silver9120.42910.5
Dwight Evans' Mustache8130.38111.5
Kerrigan's Revenge8130.38111.5
The All-Time Bad Guys7140.33312.5
Arrietty Fire6150.28613.5
This Team Is Awful6150.28613.5