Draft Recap

Draft Date: Sat., Apr. 2, 2016      Time: 8:00 PM ET      Type: Snake Draft      Seconds Per Pick: 30      

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1Clayton Kershaw*, LAD SPWhat is that Foul odor
2Mike Trout, LAA OFWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
3Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
4Bryce Harper, Wsh OFTopbrew Gamecocks
5Josh Donaldson, Tor 3BTeam K's for Days
6Jose Altuve, Hou 2BJackofall trade -Master of none
7Andrew McCutchen, Pit OFJackofall trade -Master of none
8Nolan Arenado, Col 3BTeam K's for Days
9Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OFTopbrew Gamecocks
10Manny Machado, Bal 3BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
11Carlos Correa, Hou SSWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
12Chris Sale, CWS SPWhat is that Foul odor
13Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1BWhat is that Foul odor
14Jose Bautista, Tor OFWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
15Edwin Encarnacion, Tor 1BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
16Dee Gordon, Mia 2BTopbrew Gamecocks
17Miguel Cabrera, Det 1BTeam K's for Days
18Max Scherzer, Wsh SPJackofall trade -Master of none
19Jose Abreu, CWS 1BJackofall trade -Master of none
20Jake Arrieta, ChC SPTeam K's for Days
21Kris Bryant, ChC 3BTopbrew Gamecocks
22Chris Davis, Bal 1BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
23Mookie Betts, Bos OFWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
24J.D. Martinez*, Det OFWhat is that Foul odor
25Madison Bumgarner, SF SPWhat is that Foul odor
26Todd Frazier, CWS 3BWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
27Joey Votto, Cin 1BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
28Starling Marte, Pit OFTopbrew Gamecocks
29Nelson Cruz, Sea OFTeam K's for Days
30Charlie Blackmon, Col OFJackofall trade -Master of none
31David Price, Bos SPJackofall trade -Master of none
32Matt Harvey*, NYM SPTeam K's for Days
33Carlos Gomez, Hou OFTopbrew Gamecocks
34Robinson Cano, Sea 2BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
35Miguel Sano, Min DHWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
36Buster Posey, SF CWhat is that Foul odor
37Corey Kluber, Cle SPWhat is that Foul odor
38George Springer, Hou OFWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
39Gerrit Cole, Pit SPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
40Matt Carpenter*, StL 3BTopbrew Gamecocks
41Yoenis Cespedes, NYM OFTeam K's for Days
42Jacob deGrom, NYM SPJackofall trade -Master of none
43Kyle Seager, Sea 3BJackofall trade -Master of none
44Brian Dozier, Min 2BTeam K's for Days
45Justin Upton, Det OFTopbrew Gamecocks
46Lorenzo Cain*, KC OFMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
47Adrian Gonzalez, LAD 1BWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
48Carlos Gonzalez, Col OFWhat is that Foul odor
49Dallas Keuchel, Hou SPWhat is that Foul odor
50Kenley Jansen, LAD RPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
51Carlos Carrasco, Cle SPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
52David Ortiz, Bos DHTopbrew Gamecocks
53Troy Tulowitzki, Tor SSTeam K's for Days
54Prince Fielder*, Tex DHJackofall trade -Master of none
55Adrian Beltre, Tex 3BJackofall trade -Master of none
56Jose Fernandez, Mia SPTeam K's for Days
57Wade Davis, KC RPTopbrew Gamecocks
58Chris Archer, TB SPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
59Adam Jones, Bal OFWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
60Xander Bogaerts, Bos SSWhat is that Foul odor
61Zack Greinke*, Ari SPWhat is that Foul odor
62Craig Kimbrel*, Bos RPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
63Michael Brantley*, Cle OFMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
64Jason Heyward, ChC OFTopbrew Gamecocks
65Johnny Cueto, SF SPTeam K's for Days
66Stephen Strasburg, Wsh SPJackofall trade -Master of none
67Kyle Schwarber*, ChC OFJackofall trade -Master of none
68Corey Seager, LAD SSTeam K's for Days
69Ian Kinsler, Det 2BTopbrew Gamecocks
70Noah Syndergaard, NYM SPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
71Freddie Freeman, Atl 1BWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
72Gregory Polanco, Pit OFWhat is that Foul odor
73Felix Hernandez, Sea SPWhat is that Foul odor
74Ryan Braun, Mil OFWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
75Sonny Gray, Oak SPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
76Eric Hosmer, KC 1BTopbrew Gamecocks
77Yasiel Puig, LAD OFTeam K's for Days
78Francisco Lindor, Cle SSJackofall trade -Master of none
79Cody Allen, Cle RPJackofall trade -Master of none
80Albert Pujols, LAA 1BTeam K's for Days
81Jon Lester, ChC SPTopbrew Gamecocks
82David Peralta, Ari OFMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
83Rougned Odor, Tex 2BWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
84Ben Revere, Wsh OFWhat is that Foul odor
85Kole Calhoun, LAA OFWhat is that Foul odor
86Jason Kipnis, Cle 2BWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
87Adam Eaton, CWS OFMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
88Trevor Rosenthal*, StL RPTopbrew Gamecocks
89Adam Wainwright, StL SPTeam K's for Days
90Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OFJackofall trade -Master of none
91Christian Yelich, Mia OFJackofall trade -Master of none
92Hunter Pence*, SF OFTeam K's for Days
93Carlos Martinez, StL SPTopbrew Gamecocks
94Matt Kemp, SD OFMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
95Danny Salazar, Cle SPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
96Maikel Franco, Phi 3BWhat is that Foul odor
97Daniel Murphy, Wsh 2BWhat is that Foul odor
98Jonathan Lucroy, Mil CWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
99Aroldis Chapman, ChC RPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
100Marcus Stroman, Tor SPTopbrew Gamecocks
101Corey Dickerson, TB OFTeam K's for Days
102DJ LeMahieu, Col 2BJackofall trade -Master of none
103Mark Melancon, Pit RPJackofall trade -Master of none
104Jeff Samardzija, SF SPTeam K's for Days
105Tyson Ross*, SD SPTopbrew Gamecocks
106David Robertson, CWS RPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
107Garrett Richards*, LAA SPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
108Evan Gattis, Hou DHWhat is that Foul odor
109Byung Ho Park, Min 1BWhat is that Foul odor
110Zach Britton, Bal RPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
111Kolten Wong, StL 2BMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
112Brian McCann, NYY CTopbrew Gamecocks
113Hanley Ramirez, Bos OFTeam K's for Days
114Brandon Belt, SF 1BJackofall trade -Master of none
115Randal Grichuk, StL OFJackofall trade -Master of none
116Travis d'Arnaud, NYM CTeam K's for Days
117Ken Giles, Hou RPTopbrew Gamecocks
118Cole Hamels, Tex SPMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
119Jeurys Familia, NYM RPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
120Hector Rondon, ChC RPWhat is that Foul odor
121Brandon Crawford, SF SSWhat is that Foul odor
122Jordan Zimmermann*, Det SPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
123Elvis Andrus, Tex SSMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
124Shin-Soo Choo*, Tex OFTopbrew Gamecocks
125Michael Wacha, StL SPTeam K's for Days
126Drew Smyly, TB SPJackofall trade -Master of none
127Francisco Liriano, Pit SPJackofall trade -Master of none
128Yu Darvish, Tex SPTeam K's for Days
129Jose Quintana, CWS SPTopbrew Gamecocks
130Billy Hamilton, Cin OFMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
131Michael Pineda, NYY SPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
132Salvador Perez, KC CWhat is that Foul odor
133Josh Harrison, Pit 3BWhat is that Foul odor
134Masahiro Tanaka, NYY SPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
135Russell Martin, Tor CMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
136Justin Verlander, Det SPTopbrew Gamecocks
137Drew Pomeranz, Bos RPTeam K's for Days
138A.J. Ramos, Mia RPJackofall trade -Master of none
139Francisco Rodriguez, Det RPJackofall trade -Master of none
140Dellin Betances, NYY RPTeam K's for Days
141Ian Desmond, Tex SSTopbrew Gamecocks
142Kendrys Morales, KC DHMr. Reddishs Little Rascals
143Scott Kazmir, LAD SPWho Let The Dog s Out WHO WHO
144Brad Ziegler, Bos RPWhat is that Foul odor