Sortable 2015 Projections

ESPN's projections are the product of an analysis of a player's past performance, growth or regression potential and expected playing opportunity. While the overall ranking is based in large part on the player's projected performance, it also takes into account risk factors such as age, injury history and past statistical fluidity, the players' ceiling (upside), as well as positional and categorical scarcity.

Position: Batters | Pitchers | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | 2B/SS | 1B/3B | OF | SP | RP
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1Aroldis Chapman, Cin RP  DTDEE70.0351652713050000044424434
2Craig Kimbrel, Atl RPMOSS70.0411632510750000043443427
3Greg Holland, KC RPLAV70.046164259950000043474425
4Mark Melancon, Pit RPSAB70.054164117140000044433382
5Trevor Rosenthal, StL RPRIZZ70.055235298830000044445365
6Carlos Carrasco, Cle SP, RP  DTDMILL185.016370135118850110012800399
7David Robertson, CWS RPEE72.0551952510010000044414385
8Kenley Jansen, LAD RP  DTDICUP55.039145158520000033364329
9Cody Allen, Cle RPBARR70.054237278950000044424358
10Dellin Betances, NYY RPLAV80.0492153411080000054305352
11Alex Wood, Atl SP, RPPRES170.015361134916460100011800351
12Jonathan Papelbon, Phi RPEE70.055216167010000034385330
13Huston Street, LAA RPGHOL65.048177156320000044402346
14Koji Uehara, Bos RP  DTDFA65.04816878010000043385359
15Steve Cishek, Mia RPMILL68.056214248310000043414358
16Glen Perkins, Min RPBARR73.064238158320000034395342
17Fernando Rodney, Sea RPICUP68.055203267540000043434359
18Zach Britton, Bal RPEE75.064235295550000044424329
19Joaquin Benoit, SD RPPRES60.042156187020000034366309
20Drew Storen, Wsh RP  DTDPRES66.059204155530000034415317
21Jake McGee, TB RP  DTDPRES55.039164136920000033203235
22Andrew Miller, NYY RPRIZZ68.0421952211130000053195295
23Francisco Rodriguez, Mil RPMILL62.052217206430000034385296
24Sean Doolittle, Oak RP  DTDB55.03818596710000033324291
25Aaron Sanchez, Tor SP, RPFA165.013567106613560000011800294
26Joe Nathan, Det RPMILL63.058247256240000033404297
27Wade Davis, KC RPICUP75.05620526983000005435198
28Hector Rondon, ChC RPMOSS73.065245216820000035405321
29Ken Giles, Phi RP  DTDLAV65.03814319981000004364227
30Jenrry Mejia, NYM RP, SPB75.074277267750000044213232
31Luke Gregerson, Hou RPBARR70.057206176330000044174223
32Tyler Clippard, Oak RPB70.04719724772000004466181
33Neftali Feliz, Tex RPEE65.0512411265310000044355271
34Santiago Casilla, SF RPMILL55.044144194140000033285232
35Addison Reed, Ari RP  DTDICUP60.057248166420000034355268
36Brad Boxberger, TB RPMOSS75.0502173311030000044105235
37Brett Cecil, Tor RPFA65.060255287220000044286244
38Jeurys Familia, NYM RPLAV75.06525535718000005303134
39LaTroy Hawkins, Col RPFA60.068246143610000034294207
40Kelvin Herrera, KC RPFA70.05920425673000004413142