Sortable 2015 Projections

ESPN's projections are the product of an analysis of a player's past performance, growth or regression potential and expected playing opportunity. While the overall ranking is based in large part on the player's projected performance, it also takes into account risk factors such as age, injury history and past statistical fluidity, the players' ceiling (upside), as well as positional and categorical scarcity.

Position: Batters | Pitchers | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | 2B/SS | 1B/3B | OF | SP | RP
All | Available | Apr 5 Games
1Adrian Beltre, Tex 3BBLAK802837950751418
2Evan Longoria, TB 3BSHEN8427588601403370
3Chris Davis, Bal 1B, 3B  SSPDDAMI7524087591763288
4Todd Frazier, Cin 3B, 1BDAMI79257795314012340
5Carlos Santana, Cle 3B, 1B, DHKenM75251831081184403
6Matt Carpenter, StL 3B  DTDKenM9424258791044373
7Manny Machado, Bal 3BAJ7625669351086334
8Kris Bryant, ChC 3BPark71236736315912296
9Josh Harrison, Pit OF, 3BLanc7422450217717309
10Aramis Ramirez, Mil 3BDAMI602297331823314
11Pedro Alvarez, Pit 3BDAMI6222276481375276
12Martin Prado, Mia 3B, 2BPark752406638706355
13Nick Castellanos, Det 3BWILS6723869401393278
14Chase Headley, NYY 3BM6621461641339281
15Lonnie Chisenhall, Cle 3BWA (Mon)6421763391053281
16Brett Lawrie, Oak 3B, 2BWA (Mon)551945633848262
17Trevor Plouffe, Min 3BWA (Mon)6322067481112289
18Mike Moustakas, KC 3BWA (Mon)511955536872252
19Alex Rodriguez, NYY 3BWA (Mon)60175494712111221
20David Freese, LAA 3BWA (Mon)5719059431211229
21Marcus Semien, Oak 3B, 2BWA (Mon)6817653549711265
22Casey McGehee, SF 3BWA (Mon)5219063621023268
23Alexi Amarista, SD OF, 2B, 3B, SSWA (Mon)4113539266310188
24Conor Gillaspie, CWS 3BWA (Mon)471664436680225
25Jake Lamb, Ari 3BWA (Mon)421495129942179
26Matt Dominguez, Hou 3BWA (Mon)2071251140087
27Luis Valbuena, Hou 3B, 2BWA (Mon)491574052831216
28Juan Uribe, LAD 3B  DTDWA (Mon)361494520802172
29Yangervis Solarte, SD 2B, 3BWA (Mon)25782219261119
30Will Middlebrooks, SD 3BWA (Mon)4014248241183139
31Joey Gallo, Tex 3BWA (Mon)2789352076196
32Eduardo Escobar, Min SS, 3BWA (Mon)471483223834171
33Mike Olt, ChC 3BWA (Mon)2684312381184
34Mark Reynolds, StL 1B, 3BWA (Mon)1856181847164
35Jake Smolinski, Tex 3BWA (Mon)2571191840497
36Mike Aviles, Cle 3B, 2B, OFWA (Mon)185316621577
37Miguel Sano, Min 3BWA (Mon)1245181130157
38Justin Turner, LAD 3BWA (Mon)1761161227281
39Giovanny Urshela, Cle 3B  DTDWA (Mon)9319410043
40Eduardo Nunez, Min SS, 3BWA (Mon)164613519667