Sortable 2015 Projections

ESPN's projections are the product of an analysis of a player's past performance, growth or regression potential and expected playing opportunity. While the overall ranking is based in large part on the player's projected performance, it also takes into account risk factors such as age, injury history and past statistical fluidity, the players' ceiling (upside), as well as positional and categorical scarcity.

Position: Batters | Pitchers | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | 2B/SS | 1B/3B | OF | SP | RP
All | Available | Apr 5 Games
1Miguel Cabrera, Det 1B, DH  DTDPERF94307109631012474
2Chris Davis, Bal 1B, 3B  SSPDPERF7524087591763288
3Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF66692310106931799431
4Carlos Gonzalez, Col OFBUCK80251774613317338
5Edwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B, DH  DTDCALL8728910278866476
6Andrew McCutchen, Pit OFPERF96308847911621472
7Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1BCLEA1023121019014915471
8David Ortiz, Bos DHPERF702619269951398
9Troy Tulowitzki, Col SS666882537565822401
10Adrian Beltre, Tex 3BBROD802837950751418
11Carlos Quentin, SD OFFA1860201830086
12Prince Fielder, Tex 1BBUCK762558779961402
13Hanley Ramirez, Bos SSBUCK8024979619417392
14Mike Trout, LAA OFBROD113325978815920484
15Joey Votto, Cin 1BBROD82239591161155386
16Evan Longoria, TB 3BPERF8427588601403370
17Bryce Harper, Wsh OFBROD87269716814110364
18Jose Bautista, Tor OFCLEA1002809497977481
19Mike Napoli, Bos 1BFA5919365741472246
20Aramis Ramirez, Mil 3BBUCK602297331823314
21Ryan Braun, Mil OFBROD81286904912110395
22David Wright, NYM 3BBUCK63237635511111318
23Corey Dickerson, Col OF  DTD6668326973381068365
24Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF6667326392481614319
25Adam Jones, Bal OFCALL93310932313210397
26Robinson Cano, Sea 2BBUCK872809063778451
27Yasiel Puig, LAD OFPERF93285916913213419
28Jose Abreu, CWS 1B, DHCLEA78306100551443398
29Ryan Howard, Phi 1BFA6322189601970236
30Evan Gattis, Hou CCLEA6326784331270320
31Freddie Freeman, Atl 1BCALL9628390831362418
32Khris Davis, Mil OFFA6822169371164283
33Buster Posey, SF C, 1BBUCK752638557741407
34Pedro Alvarez, Pit 3BFA6222276481375276
35Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DHBROD592036141944274
36George Springer, Hou OFCLEA91247897219816317
37Brandon Moss, Cle 1B, OFBUCK6822178501393281
38Yadier Molina, StL CPERF632286535684327
39Michael Cuddyer, NYM OFFA6622067401068295
40Jay Bruce, Cin OFCALL8124483531619309