Sortable 2015 Projections

ESPN's projections are the product of an analysis of a player's past performance, growth or regression potential and expected playing opportunity. While the overall ranking is based in large part on the player's projected performance, it also takes into account risk factors such as age, injury history and past statistical fluidity, the players' ceiling (upside), as well as positional and categorical scarcity.

Position: Batters | Pitchers | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | 2B/SS | 1B/3B | IF | LF | CF | RF | OF | DH | SP | RP
121Danny Dorn, Ari OF----------
122Josh Prince, Mil OF----------
123Kevin Mattison, Mil OF----------
124Angelo Songco, LAD OF----------
125Adron Chambers, ChC OF----------
126Xavier Avery, Det OF----------
127Ty Morrison, TB OF----------
128Juan Duran, Cin OF----------
129Kyle Waldrop, Cin OF----------
130Todd Cunningham, Atl OF----------
131Rashun Dixon, Oak OF----------
132Kyle Hudson, LAA OF----------
133Cory Vaughn, NYM OF----------
134Marcus Knecht, Tor OF----------
135Ramon Flores, NYY OF----------
136Aaron Shipman, Oak OF----------
137Jake Skole, Tex OF----------
138Nate Roberts, Min OF----------
139Brandon Jacobs, Ari OF----------
140Kyle Jensen, LAD OF----------
141Larry Greene, Phi OF----------
142Guillermo Pimentel, Sea OF----------
143Brian Fletcher, KC OF----------
144Brent Keys, Mia OF----------
145Steve Susdorf, Phi OF----------
146Brady Shoemaker, Mia OF----------
147Nick Buss, Ari OF----------
148Noel Cuevas, LAD OF----------
149Josh Bell, Pit OF----------
150Kensuke Tanaka, Tex OF----------
151Jermaine Curtis, StL OF----------
152Danny Ortiz, Min OF----------
153Jesse Winker, Cin OF----------
154Preston Tucker, Hou OF----------
155Joey Butler, TB OF----------
156Vinny Rottino, Mia OF----------
157Jared Hoying, Tex OF----------
158Courtney Hawkins, CWS OF----------
159Matt Long, Mil OF----------
160Mallex Smith, Atl OF----------