Sortable 2016 Projections

Position: Batters | Pitchers | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | 2B/SS | 1B/3B | IF | LF | CF | RF | OF | DH | SP | RP

1Josh Hamilton*, Tex OF  DL60298291.253
2Ryan Braun, Mil OF80217515.279
3Matt Holliday, StL OF5414754.278
4Yoenis Cespedes, NYM OF9229926.269
5Nick Swisher, Atl OF, DH113120.222
6Andre Ethier*, LAD OF  DL60327301.279
7Justin Upton, Det OF87269013.266
8Ben Zobrist, ChC 2B, OF89146911.275
9Alex Gordon, KC OF6419697.262
10Colby Rasmus, Hou OF5822562.242
11Melvin Upton Jr., SD OF3462111.222
12Brandon Moss, StL OF, 1B5925671.235
13Matt Joyce, Pit OF173191.233
14Michael Cuddyer, NYM OF----------
15Ian Desmond, Tex SS, OF72206417.246
16Melky Cabrera, CWS OF8211604.284
17Carlos Quentin, Min OF0000.000
18Hanley Ramirez, Bos OF, 1B70206711.283
19David Murphy, Bos OF, DH92120.270
20Jeff Francoeur, Atl OF143161.244
21Rickie Weeks, Ari OF8181.217
22Carl Crawford, LAD OF2942410.285
23Chris Young*, Bos OF  DL154212425.242
24Shane Victorino, ChC OF10283.256
25Howie Kendrick, LAD 2B, 3B, OF7310667.282
26Michael Brantley*, Cle OF  DL1570127015.304
27Tyler Colvin, Mia OF----------
28Dustin Ackley*, NYY OF, 1B  DL60268262.263
29Angel Pagan, SF OF5033413.264
30John Mayberry Jr., Det OF7260.213
31Jonny Gomes, KC OF0000.000
32Kelly Johnson, NYM OF, 1B, 2B3411353.241
33Seth Smith, Sea OF, DH5811420.251
34Justin Ruggiano, Tex OF257205.241
35Michael Saunders, Tor OF449456.252
36Desmond Jennings, TB OF3862911.247
37Alejandro De Aza, NYM OF203174.259
38Jayson Werth, Wsh OF7317654.263
39Michael Bourn, Ari OF211198.228
40David DeJesus, LAA OF, DH213222.239