Sortable 2015 Projections

ESPN's projections are the product of an analysis of a player's past performance, growth or regression potential and expected playing opportunity. While the overall ranking is based in large part on the player's projected performance, it also takes into account risk factors such as age, injury history and past statistical fluidity, the players' ceiling (upside), as well as positional and categorical scarcity.

Position: Batters | Pitchers | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | 2B/SS | 1B/3B | IF | LF | CF | RF | OF | DH | SP | RP
41Nick Swisher, Cle 1B, DH  DTD4411451.241
42Josh Willingham, KC OF, DH----------
43Jhonny Peralta, StL SS5818653.266
44Delmon Young, Bal OF, DH3712441.273
45Pablo Sandoval, Bos 3B8016840.291
46Carlos Santana, Cle 3B, 1B, DH7524834.266
47Jeff Francoeur, Phi OF123132.228
48Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF96278421.311
49Gaby Sanchez, Pit 1B----------
50Freddie Freeman, Atl 1B9621902.292
51Torii Hunter, Min OF6314644.278
52Carlos Pena, Tex 1B4130.231
53Brandon Phillips, Cin 2B6213685.265
54Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 3B, OF  DTD7620834.277
55Mike Napoli, Bos 1B5921652.245
56Adam Jones, Bal OF93329310.279
57Carlos Quentin, SD OF185200.250
58Brian McCann, NYY C6024791.254
59Miguel Montero, ChC C4511540.252
60Ike Davis, Oak 1B5315571.232
61Carlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH5920614.257
62Alfonso Soriano, FA OF, DH----------
63Ryan Howard, Phi 1B6323890.228
64Allen Craig, Bos 1B, OF4811562.269
65Alex Gordon, KC OF  DTD75187511.265
66Mike Moustakas, KC 3B5116552.238
67Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B1022910115.297
68Ian Kinsler, Det 2B94167714.276
69Andre Ethier, LAD OF265292.260
70Matt Wieters, Bal C  DTD5520692.258
71Logan Morrison, Sea 1B5013474.262
72Adam Dunn, Oak 1B, DH----------
73J.J. Hardy, Bal SS  DTD6116561.257
74James Loney, TB 1B529623.286
75Chris Young, NYY OF4213389.224
76Corey Hart, Pit DH298292.236
77Shin-Soo Choo, Tex OF, DH  DTD79154612.263
78Nick Markakis, Atl OF  DTD8012503.275
79J.P. Arencibia, Bal C, 1B  DTD146170.227
80Brett Lawrie, Oak 3B, 2B5514568.259