Waiver Order

Riding The Grady TrainBoaz Chan, Breandan MacGabhann 1
Band of ZealotsJim Brice 2
Letters From OkajimaJustin Bobo 3
The OTMD Goons The Sand Man 4
Kluber LangKen N 5
The Longo Kiss GoodnightShane Brogan 6
Portland UnderdogsShield Wall 7
Engage with ZorpMichael Campion 8
Throw Your Hand Up And Trout!Peter Wang, Jonathan Payson 9
Vottoman EmpireGraham Bacher 10
Magnum ForceChuck G 11
Teheran Back AgainJason ORourke 12
Sweet Infante Baby JesusClark Davenport 13
50 Shades Of GraySteve Guglielmo, Nate Voorhees 14
Yankees SuckTyler T 15
Pedey and the X-MenRobert Beaulieu 16
Wins and LohsesBryan Hebert 17
Grilli CheeseJesse Morse 18
Springfield Rifles jeff micheals 19
Sologub's Pettier DemonsTrevor Krost 20

Season Acquisition LimitNo Limit
Waiver Period2 Days
Waiver SystemMove to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order