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OTM Veteran Keeper League Trophies

Trophy assignments are displayed in chronological order and have no bearing on the league standings.

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Dec 29, 2014
League Champion!
League Champ Trophy
Owner: Graham Bacher

Jun 30, 2014
Daily High Score
Highest Daily Point Total
Daily High Score of 127 pts
BoZ sets the 2014 daily high score with 127 pt on 6/18
Owner: Jim Brice

Jun 30, 2014
Paramount Pitching - Daily
Single best individual pitching performance for one game-day
KR's Kershaw scores pitching high
With 39.5 points on 6/18 Clayton Kershaw of Kershawshank Redemption sets the new daily pitching high
Owner: Wade Paxson

Jun 30, 2014
Historical: Daily High Score
Highest Single Day Score in League History
Historic Daily High Set by Beard of Zeus
With 127 pts on 6/25, Beard of Zeus sets the new historic daily high score
Owner: Jim Brice

Jun 30, 2014
100 PC
100 Point Club
Score 100 or more pts in a single day
BoZ earns 100 pt Banner
with 127 pts on 6/25
Owner: Jim Brice

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