Fantasy Underground - Gronk, Miller

Christopher Harris and Field Yates look at the impact of Rob Gronkowski saying he expects to start in Week 1, explain why enthusiasm for Lamar Miller should be tempered and much more.

Fantasy Football - Get Austin

Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry suggest that Miles Austin has gone under-drafted. Plus, Pod Vader crushed the Man's League draft.

Fantasy Baseball - Call Me Maybe

Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft discuss a few September call ups they have their eyes on. Plus they discuss if batting average is a useless fantasy stat.

Fantasy Football - Overreacting Man's League

Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry present their last overreactions including Sammy Watkins' injury and finish filling the Man's League.

Fantasy Baseball - Prospects and closers

Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft take a peek at prospects and closers as September approaches, but they don't like what they see.

Fantasy Underground - The Diapers

Christopher Harris and Field Yates break down the impact of the Josh Gordon suspension, the Patriots-Bucs trade and more. Plus, the preseason "Undy" awards, AKA "The Diapers."

Fantasy Football - Riddick and King

Matthew Berry talks to Louis Riddick about believing the hype surrounding Brandin Cooks. Plus Peter King explains why he likes the Buccaneers this year.

Fantasy Baseball - Simon Says

Eric Karabell, Tristan Cockcroft and Mark Simon discuss the recent success of Drew Smyly, a valuable catcher returning from the DL and aces struggling after a World Series.

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