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shtown's 2014 Entry

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shtownSegment 20-0.0

Segment 2 Begins

By Sean Allen
Special to

Robert Mayer/USA TODAY Sports
Pavel Datsyuk enters Segment 2 as a bargain because of missed time earlier this season.

Segment 2 of the game begins this week, so make sure you are re-setting your lineup. Why do you need to absolutely make sure? Because your roster was purged for you over the Olympic break to kick off Segment 2. All your sleepers are gone, and you have to repurchase all your players. Your salary cap is back down to $100 million like everybody else, too.

Of course, the reset button isn't all bad news. Because the new salaries are based solely on this season's performance, there is a wealth of sleepers now available in the game. Go ahead, scroll down the list of salaries to spot Pavel Datsyuk ($6.0M), Steven Stamkos ($5.5M) or Logan Couture ($6.1M) available at insanely low prices because they missed some time earlier this season. Your lineup should definitely include some sleepers such as these players (at the very least Stamkos) as a strategy to quickly build your salary cap back up.

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