Top Groups

1Fans of Edmonton Oilers385182508522.95
2Fans of Phoenix Coyotes419181140494.92
3Fans of New York Islanders631272027491.02
4Fans of Philadelphia Flyers2179955923489.97
5Fans of Columbus Blue Jackets663278827489.17
6Fans of Dallas Stars709302563484.10
7Fans of Montreal Canadiens561237781477.47
8Fans of Chicago Blackhawks39221624682475.47
9Fans of Tampa Bay Lightning644270974473.73
10Fans of Nashville Predators474205558472.55
11Fans of Vancouver Canucks587243707472.30
12Fans of New York Rangers2240924221471.30
13Fans of Colorado Avalanche1112455681471.23
14Fans of Florida Panthers369147957471.20
15Fans of Pittsburgh Penguins32061322134470.85
16Fans of Washington Capitals1327555963469.96
17Fans of Toronto Maple Leafs838344979468.72
18Fans of New Jersey Devils986395810466.76
19Fans of Detroit Red Wings31581299811466.72
20Fans of Buffalo Sabres1352534005463.55
21Fans of Carolina Hurricanes594240873462.33
22Fans of San Jose Sharks931377268460.64
23Fans of Winnipeg Jets412161377457.16
24Fans of Los Angeles Kings1010409427456.95
25Fans of Minnesota Wild1545614545455.22
26Fans of Calgary Flames369143039449.81
27Fans of St. Louis Blues1081431105449.54
28Fans of Ottawa Senators333129706447.26
29Fans of Boston Bruins50451859064436.91
30Fans of Anaheim Ducks1637496541386.11
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