Rules: FSR FAQ

Q. Is Fantasy Stock Car free?
A: Yes, Fantasy Stock Car is completely free for this season.

Q. How much does it cost for Live-Scoring?
A: Live-Scoring for ESPN Fantasy Stock Car 2008 is free. You do not have to pay a dime to experience this great offer.

Q. Are prizes available?
A: No, This promotion is strictly for entertainment purposes. Prizes are not available.

Q. I cannot remember my username/password. What can I do?
A: If you have any questions regarding billing, your account, or need to remember a member name or password, please access our member services section,

Q. How do I join a league? I'm having problems accepting an invitation.
A: To join a league, you can visit Fantasy Stock Car Frontpage and either create your own league, join an existing public league, or join a league in the live draft lobby. If you have already been invited to a league you will need to join by accessing the link sent to you in the invite email. Make sure the whole URL is copied into the browser if the link itself is not working.

Q. Why is my draft freezing/kicking me out?
A: In order to experience a successful live draft, we ask that you please test your computer to make sure the java applet loaded properly on your machine prior to the draft process. The link can be found from your league homepage. We also ask that you please lower or disable your anti-virus and/or firewall security settings. Once you complete your draft, you will be able to return the settings back to normal. If you do not have the latest java applet loaded you may still participate using our HTML Lite draft.

Q. I drafted a team but now I can't find it. What happened to it?
A: First make sure you are logged in as you will only be able to see your teams when under your username. If the team you drafted was in a mock draft lobby, your results will be sent to you via email, but will not be saved anywhere else.

Q. How do I invite friends to my league?
A: To invite a player to your league, the LM must click on members from the league home page and assign a team by inputting the name and email address in the appropriate slots. The invite will go out when you hit the submit button.

Q. Why can't my son/daughter play?
A: Because of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, there are limitations in place involving the release of personal information from children under 13. Because of the public nature of the FSR games (message boards, email, etc.) we cannot guarantee such privacy and must exclude children under 13 from the game.

Q. How do I find my friends league?
A: If the league is a public standard league, you could search for it in the League Directory. Otherwise, the LM of that league would have to invite you.

Q. How can I change my draft date?
A: To change the draft date in a custom league the LM can go to settings from the league home page and click on draft settings. From there the LM can change the draft to any date/time that is open for drafting. In a standard league, team owners will need to vote in the league referenda.

Q. How do I propose a trade?
A: Trades can be proposed to any team before the trading deadline. To propose a trade, you first have to visit the Team page of the team you wish to trade with and then click on the propose trade link. You will then be able to select the check boxes to include players from both sides.

Q. How do I trade draft picks?
A: To trade draft picks, draft pick trading must be enabled by the LM in Custom Leagues. If draft pick trading is enabled and you still cannot propose draft pick trades, please check to see if the keeper deadline has been reached, as no draft pick trades can occur after this deadline. You cannot trade Draft Picks in a Standard League.

Q. I am new to Fantasy Games, can I be placed in a league with random Team Owners?
A: You can be placed in a public league with other random players. You will have the option to either create your own league or join a public/private group. All standard leagues will utilize a 6-team league size while using the standard Points Based scoring method.

Q. Is the draft lobby still available?
A: For teams that just want to join a league to be drafted as soon as possible, we will have a draft waiting room where you can jump into a league. Another option would be to join a league from the league directory with the settings and draft type that you would like.

Q. Is there a limit to how many leagues I am able to create?
A: Yes, you will be able to create 10 leagues to use for this season.

Q. How do I set up my schedule to play my division opponents twice and everybody else once?
A: Head to Head scoring is only available in Custom Leagues. Your League Manager can manually adjust the schedule according to your League's desire.

Q. What happens if we draft after the season starts in a customizable league?
A: Leagues drafting after the season begins will have results that includes play up until that point. If an LM wishes to ignore the results for a Head to Head Scoring league, he/she would need to schedule the first X weeks as byes for all teams.

Q. I am receiving a "Cannot Decode Parameters" error when accepting an invitation. What do I do?
A: If you are encountering the "cannot decode parameters" error, then we suggest that you have the League Creator send you a new invitation. Clear your cookies and cache through the internet options menu. Then accept the new invite. If you send the invite and it never arrives, then make sure that you have entered the correct email address entered, and then send it again.

Also, make sure the invitation is not breaking into a second line on the invitation email. If it breaks on a second line, you need to copy and paste the entire link into your browser. For more information on the invitation process, visit this link:

Q. Why did my Standard League not draft at the scheduled time?
A: In Standard Leagues, the draft will only take place once all owners have joined. To set a new draft date/time, league members must vote in the league referenda.

Q. When do players unlock?
A: All players will unlock early Tuesday morning. The players will then be available through free agency or waivers depending on your specific league settings.

Q. Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Call 1-888-549-ESPN for help on all things Fantasy.

Q. According to your Rules and Restrictions, I am not eligible to win prizes playing ESPN Premium or Prize-Eligible Fantasy Games based on the state I live in. Why is this?
A. ESPN's Fantasy Games are subject to the laws of each of the fifty states. Any state excluded from prize eligibility in ESPN Fantasy Games is based on our review and interpretation of the applicable law in that state at that time. While these laws prevent us from permitting residents of excluded states from winning a prize in our Premium or Prize-Eligible Fantasy Games, they do not prevent such residents from paying an entry fee and playing for fun if they so choose. Currently, the following states are excluded from our Premium and Prize-Eligible Fantasy Games, which means participants residing in these states may pay an entry fee and play, but are ineligible to win a prize: New Jersey, Washington, Arizona, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, Montana and North Dakota.