To assemble your team, you will draft players from a list of all NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers.

Free Standard league settings cannot be changed. In order for the draft to proceed, it is required that ALL team ownership slots are filled no later than 1 hour before draft time. It is very important to check the list of owners who have joined before your (Live Online or Autopick) draft is set to start. If open ownership slots remain, the draft time/date will be removed from our system, and a new date/time for the draft will need to be set.

For any player-created Free Standard league that does not fill within one hour of the draft, that league will have its reserved slot eliminated. The affected league will need to pick a new date/time through a Referendum (found on the League Office page). Any "Lobby league" (ESPN created Free Standard) that is not full by one hour before the draft start will have the scheduled draft time continually pushed back one hour, until the league is filled.

Team rosters lock at the official NASCAR scheduled race start time. Qualifying races do not count, so rosters only lock for the official race. In the case a race is delayed until later on Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday, the drivers will remain locked until the morning after the race. Waivers will not run on days the drivers remain locked. If the race is postponed to a totally different week, drivers will unlock on the morning after the announcement. They will not lock again until the scheduled start time of the next scheduled race.

In Head-To-Head leagues, the "postponed" week will not count as a matchup, meaning the current week's matchup will be the next week's normally scheduled race. The remaining scheduled races will "slide down" to fill out the schedule. There will be no matchups on weeks without a race. In the unlikely event that a race is postponed past Homestead, the postponed race will be the 36th matchup, with Homestead being the 35th, etc.

NOTE: The Sprint All-Star Challenge is NOT a race that can accumulate points in the ESPN Fantasy Stock Car game, so rosters will not lock during that race.

All Free Standard leagues will observe ESPN's "Undroppable Drivers" list. The Undroppable Drivers list is comprised of select elite level drivers who cannot be dropped to waivers at any time during the Sprint Cup season. ESPN introduced this feature to prevent collusion (In these cases, owners would be able to drop star drivers, allowing those first on the waiver wire to pick them up).

Free Standard leagues may be viewable by the public or private depending on the choices made by the league creator.