Rules: Additional Notes

The Adjust Scoring feature is only available in Custom leagues. It can be accessed from both the LM Tools and Scoreboard pages. Using this feature, the League Manager can adjust the scoring for any race by simply adding or subtracting points from a team for a given week. If a scoring adjustment changes the end result of the race (i.e. from a win to a loss), the Standings page will immediately update to reflect the adjusted result.

NOTE: If an adjustment is made to a game, the box score pages will reflect the change with an asterisk.

The 'Undroppable' list is comprised of drivers who cannot be dropped to waivers at any time during the racing season. ESPN introduced this feature to prevent collusion (In these cases, owners would be able to drop star drivers, allowing those first on the waiver wire to pick them up).

In all Standard leagues the list is enforced at all times. In Custom leagues, the League Manager can choose if they want to allow owners to be capable of dropping all drivers or be prevented from dropping designated drivers. View your League Settings page to see how your league is configured.

View the Undroppable Drivers List.