The default settings for FSR 09 are the same as the Standard game, six-team leagues with rosters consisting of a total of three (3) drivers. There are two (2) starting driver positions on the "Active" roster. The bench has only one (1) position for an "Inactive" driver. Unlike other fantasy games, there is no IR (injured reserve) spot on a Fantasy Stock Car roster.

The Roster Settings page in League Setup allows the League Manager to customize the default roster settings:

  1. The number of roster positions (slots) used in the league.
  2. How many drivers are active (rather than inactive/benched) and start each race.

When setting the number of STARTERS and MAX ON ROSTER, it is important to carefully consider the number of teams in the league versus the number of available drivers in the game. As in the Standard game, there is no IR (injured reserve) spot option for FSR Custom league rosters. There are only active driver slots and the inactive "bench" slot(s). Drivers in the bench slots are inactive and unable to accumulate points after a race has started.

In all formats, the maximum number of active drivers available for all teams in a race is 43.

NOTE: Each team's available number of inactive driver slots in the "bench" and maximum driver allowance per roster will be automatically adjusted based on the number of active driver slots per team. This ensures there are always enough drivers available to fill a full active roster for each team every week.

    EXAMPLE 1: In a 10-owner league, the maximum number of active drivers is four per team (40 Drivers)
    EXAMPLE 2: In a two- owner league, the maximum number of active drivers is 21.
Roster settings can be edited up to one hour before the draft begins. Once your draft is complete, roster settings cannot be changed. If you must change your roster settings, the League Manager does have the ability to select "RESET DRAFT", after which roster slots can be edited.

NOTE: If "RESET DRAFT" is selected, the League Manager can manually enter the previous Draft Results or select a new Draft Date & Time for a new Draft.

You decide which drivers to start for each week of competition. Your Team page allows you to analyze each of your current drivers, review their performance (previous week, season to date, etc.) and freely move drivers between your Starting roster and Bench. Roster moves involving a driver may be made right up until that week's race is scheduled to begin.

When you make transactions, you must move one active driver to the bench, or to waivers, when moving an inactive, "benched" driver to your Starting lineup. If you make a move that violates a roster slot, an error message will appear, notifying you to double-check the proposed transaction. You will need to ensure that you are moving drivers into eligible slots.

In most leagues there will be unclaimed drivers available in the driver pool; these drivers are called "Free Agents". You may want to pick up one of these Free Agents (drivers not currently on a team in your league) for your elite team. You can search the driver pool by going to the Drivers page.

NOTE: If you wish to claim a driver from free agency, you must have an open roster slot or drop one of your current drivers in exchange.
For more information on Waivers and Free Agents, click here.