Rules: Scoring Settings

Your goal in FSR08 is to score the most points possible by owning and starting the best roster of drivers over the 36-week NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Qualifying races are not part of the game, so points will be issued only for the final race results at each Sprint Cup event.

Below is a comprehensive list of all scoring categories available in ESPN Fantasy Stock Car for the 2008 race season. Each category lists the Standard game settings plus all settings available in the Custom game. The Standard game follows the Sprint Cup scoring system with some bonus points. In the Custom game, the specific categories and their corresponding point values can be edited by the League Manager to fit your league's custom scoring system.

NOTE: Scoring categories and their corresponding point values can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season. If either are changed after the season has begun, the system will automatically change all previous race results to match the changed settings.

1st 185 23rd 94
2nd 170 24th 91
3rd 165 25th 88
4th 160 26th 85
5th 155 27th 82
6th 150 28th 79
7th 146 29th 76
8th 142 30th 73
9th 138 31st 70
10th 134 32nd 67
11th 130 33rd 64
12th 127 34th 61
13th 124 35th 58
14th 121 36th 55
15th 118 37th 52
16th 115 38th 49
17th 112 39th 46
18th 109 40th 43
19th 106 41st 40
20th 103 42nd 37
21st 100 43rd 34
22nd 97

Bonus Scoring Point Categories (STANDARD Scoring)
Leads a Lap (Sprint Cup Scoring) - 5 points
Leads Most Laps (Sprint Cup Scoring) - 5 points

Bonus Scoring Point Categories (CUSTOM Leagues ONLY)
Customizable Point Values Available To The League Manager

Win From The Pole Laps Led Win From The Field Fastest Lap In Race
Leads A Lap Laps Completed Leads Most Laps Laps Not Completed
Top 3 Finish Did Not Finish - DNF Top 5 Finish Positions Gained
Top 10 Finish Positions Lost Top 25 Finish Biggest Improvement


  1. Points scored will be awarded up to a tenth of a point. (i.e., you may see scores like 95.7 or 100.1 points.
  2. If there is a "split-time" situation, with two drivers such as Regan Smith and Mark Martin sharing car time, points will only be issued only if the specific driver on your team participates in the race.
  3. If there is a substitute driver replacing a full-time driver in a race (e.g., Ricky Rudd races in place of David Gilliland for Yates Racing), you will receive points only if the replaced driver is on your active roster.
  4. If one of your active roster drivers fails to qualify for a race, only that driver will fail to accumulate points for your team. The remainder of your active roster drivers will compete in the race for points, as long as they qualified.
  5. Points for positions changed (gained/lost) are only earned during the race (after the green flag). Qualifying and Pole position penalties do not impact this scoring category.
  6. If you do not have drivers in active roster slots by race time (the roster freeze deadline), those slots will receive no points.
  7. Sprint Cup penalties (in-race and post-race) do not directly impact point scoring. For example, when Jeff Gordon was penalized in-race for hooking up the hose for an air wrench during his pit in Talladega in 2007, he ducked back onto pit road to serve his penalty and came out of the pits in 36th place. This greatly reduced his chances of scoring more points at race end. But this did not penalize the fantasy stock car Team Owner at that time. (However, as it turned out, seven laps later, an 11-car accident brought out the caution and that was exactly what the No. 24 team needed to catch back up. And, as we all know, Jeff Gordon won the race).

    Also, in the event of a post-race penalty, such as the 2007 post-race inspection penalty of Carl Edwards #99 Ford (due to the right rear of his car falling below the -inch tolerance for height, per NASCAR), no points are deducted from a Fantasy Stock Car Team Owner for Carl Edwards' race performance (even though, in reality, Edwards was docked 25 Nextel Cup series race points for this incident).