Trades are an agreement between two teams to exchange one or more drivers. Trades can be processed with an uneven number of drivers as long as they do not violate any roster settings.

This option sets the number of trades a team can perform during the season. League Managers can choose to have:

  • No limit - Standard Rule / Recommended. There is no limit to the number of trades a team can make.
  • No trades - Only the League Manager can trade drivers between teams.
  • If a specific number is selected (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, 40) once that limit is reached the team will not be allowed to propose or accept anymore trades.

    This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.

This setting determines if the league uses a deadline for trading drivers between teams. This option is offered to prevent teams from sandbagging their team at the end of the season by trading blue-chip drivers for average drivers. This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.

  • No trade deadline - Trades are allowed for the duration of the Sprint Cup season. - Recommended
  • Need trade deadline options from dropdown under "Trade Rules" (Diver/JD)

This is the length of time allowed where the league decides if a trade is fair. League Managers can determine the span of time for the review. If one of the "hour" review periods is selected -- and the trade is not vetoed -- it will process within the hour (not the exact minute) when the period expires. This setting can be changed by the League Managers at any time during the season.

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours - Standard Rule / Recommended
  • 72 hours
  • No Trade Review - Trades process immediately after the trade is accepted.

NOTE: If you want the traded drivers to exchange teams before the upcoming race, trades should be accepted no less than 48-hours before the schedule start time of the upcoming week's race. If the trade processes AFTER the race locktime then the traded drivers won't be available until the following week's race.

"48 HOURS" example: A trade is accepted at 11:05am ET on Friday. If the trade is not vetoed it will process within the hour after the 11:05am ET time on Sunday (48 hours after the time the trade was accepted on Friday).

NOTE: Any trades which are pending at the time the Trade Review Period rule is changed will be grandfathered, retaining their original waiver processing times. The new waiver period will be applied to drivers dropped to waivers moving forward.

ESPN introduced this option to allow leagues to decide whether a trade is fair to both parties and to prevent collusion. In Custom Leagues, the power to veto trades can be given to the league owners or only to the League Manager.

If league owners are given veto power, the number of owner votes will determine whether a trade is vetoed. This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.

  • Specific number of teams - Standard Rule "Free" Leagues / Recommended. A number of teams listed must vote to veto the trade in order for it to be cancelled. If the number is not reached by the time the "Trade Review Period" expires, the trade will be upheld. If the number is reached, the trade will be immediately cancelled. The Default/Standard rule is, if three (3) out of six (6) owners vote to veto a trade, the trade is cancelled. In Custom Leagues, the number of votes needed can be set by the League Manager.
  • League Manager can only veto trades - In Custom Leagues, if selected, all accepted trades can only be vetoed by the League Manager within the time length specified in the "Trade Review Period" setting. All team owners are given the option to submit their comments about the trade (which only the League Manager can view).

    If the trade is vetoed by the League Manager, the trade is immediately cancelled. If the trade is upheld by the League Manager (or the time length expires without a decision from the League Manager), the trade processes according to the league's "Trade Review Period" setting.