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Keep Your Season Alive

By James Quintong
ESPN Fantasy Staff

Lebron James

Issac Baldizon/NBAE/Getty Images
Playing LeBron James is a no-brainer, but you can play him only once. If you wait to play him later, you maximize your potential points.

ESPN's new 1-N-Done fantasy game seems pretty simple on the surface: Pick one player for each day of the NBA playoffs and earn points for the stats he puts up that day. Get the most points throughout the course of the playoffs and win the prize at the end.

However, there are two major catches: Once you use a player, you can't use him for the rest of the playoffs, and the points multiply the later you get into the playoffs. (Second-round games get you double points, conference title games get you triple points, NBA Finals games get you quadruple points.)

That makes strategy very interesting. Would you use LeBron James in the first round, knowing you couldn't use him later in the playoffs when he could get you lots more points thanks to the multiplier? How often will you use players from the 7- and 8-seeds early on knowing that they may be eliminated in that round, or would you rely on stars from potential finals teams right away?

And remember that you have to make a pick each day, because you're not getting any points if you forget to set your lineup and leave a player in there from the day before. The competition will be fierce from the first game of the playoffs all the way to the last game of the NBA Finals. However, you can jump in at any time and rack up a large number of points right away.

Good luck and happy picking.

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