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1Ice Palace234454193.65
2Stanley BoundDMAC'S ALLSTARS295364191.57
3Run You224188190.36
4Texas ThunderFight Night & Cold Beer285325190.18
5RIdley Playoff Hockey224169189.50
6SFTC FRIENDSWe don't cry in hockey448216186.73
7No Cat AWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A14527016186.32
8Uber Wizdom99% or bust !213808181.33
9Living Legends EliteOnly the Strong325796181.13
10Freebies KingsIn it to win it305408180.27
12Rascal Kings244287178.63
13NAKED PICSPlay HARD .. Play NAKED ..Play 2 WIN284810178.15
14I dont give a Puck305261175.37
15Seinfeld FansGotta support the team6210869175.31
16Global Christians-the 1stAll One in Christ Jesus234032175.30
17420 or BustPucking good tokes9816907174.30
18Shadow Platoon264526174.08
19Screw Bettman295021173.14
20Detroit Beer LeaguePucks n Beers....376220172.78
21Venezuela NHLA GANAR274625171.30
22Chicago Sports NutzSweet Home Chicago365977170.77
23Sports Fans ForeverWe are Sports Fans Forever406793169.83
24Colorado #1 UberAVS will drink from the Cup this year!335563168.58
25Pennsylvania People OnlyKeystone Puckin!386381167.92
26Fantasy Hawkey335515167.12
27TACOSIf you dont like me.213503166.81
28Fans of the Los Angeles KingsWe love the Los Angeles Kings!725103290165.53
29Guys w/Big ShoesRespect Some .....Fear None..!416604165.10
30Lawyers, Guns, And Money446418164.56
31Fans of the New York RangersWe love the New York Rangers!1535209484161.02
32reddit fantasyhockeypassword is goose426756160.86
33Fans Of MTL Hockey TalkKeep Calm & Carey On!233656158.96
34Pens Initiative Challenge8712744157.33
35Fans of the Phoenix CoyotesWe love the Phoenix Coyotes!22629310156.74
36Fans of the Vancouver CanucksWe love the Vancouver Canucks!37750371153.10
37Fans of the New York IslandersWe love the New York Islanders!33943747152.96
38Fans of the Washington CapitalsWe love the Washington Capitals!62881834152.96
39Fans of the Minnesota WildWe love the Minnesota Wild!1186151872152.33
40Fans of the New Jersey DevilsWe love the New Jersey Devils!54770990152.01
41Fans of the Nashville PredatorsWe love the Nashville Predators!24231589151.14
42Fans of the Buffalo SabresWe love the Buffalo Sabres!791100805151.13
43ESPNFantasy on FacebookChallenge our Facebook Group to Playoff Hockey Challenge!597093150.91
44Fans of the Chicago BlackhawksWe love the Chicago Blackhawks!2895373200150.00
45Fans of the Carolina HurricanesWe love the Carolina Hurricanes!34042890149.97
46Fans of the Montreal CanadiensWe love the Montreal Canadiens!67687292148.20
47Fans of the Pittsburgh PenguinsWe love the Pittsburgh Penguins!2213287922148.18
48Fans of the Ottawa SenatorsWe love the Ottawa Senators!21728715148.02
49Fans of the Toronto Maple LeafsWe love the Toronto Maple Leafs!71996831147.83
50/sp/ Playoff /hoc/ GroupBLOWN THE F**K OUT10012978147.48
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