Welcome to Premier Fantasy!

You'll need to REGISTER for a new ESPN.com account or SIGN-IN with an existing account to get started in Premier Fantasy. Once signed in, you can compete against other ESPN Fantasy players and will be able to compete for great prizes.


Use your skill and judgement to pick a squad of Premier League players within the budget limit.


Select a team each week and play the transfer market to get the edge over friends and family.


The overall winner will pick up a £1,333 Amazon gift card (total value of all prizes: £2,666).

Welcome to Premier Fantasy!

By Joe Kaiser
ESPN Fantasy

The first half of the ESPN FC Premier Fantasy game is upon us, which means every fantasy manager has a chance to put together a brand new lineup, with updated player values a new set of 30 transfers. There are even special prizes for teams with the best scores for the first half of the season.


What players will lead your squad to a win in Premier Fantasy?

The object of the game is the same as it's always been: build a roster of 15 players within a budget of 100 million that will score you points based on their performance on the field. (The full scoring system is found here.)

In order to improve your team through the season, you'll get 30 transfers per scoring segment (the Premier Fantasy game is split into two scoring segments, one from August through December, the other from January through the end of the season) to make changes to your roster. While your initial budget is 100 million, there's a good chance you'll have more money to play with to make transfers, as the value of your players will increase or decrease depending on their performance. You could "buy low" on a player early in the season, then sell him off to get a more expensive player down the line.

Each game week, you'll choose which 11 of your 15 players should be in your starting lineup, and you'll have a variety of formations from which to choose to set that lineup. You also have the option to designate one player as your team "captain," whose points will be doubled during a given week. You'll want to be very careful when setting lineups and designating captains, especially in weeks when teams aren't scheduled for a game or are set to play two times.

So you think you know the Premier League well enough to build the best roster? It's time to prove it on the pitch.

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Play Premier Fantasy for your chance to win a £1,333 gift card!

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