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1the pimp & gamezuconn lady30461501538.33
2The-Boneyard.comNine in Nashville!981439601531.49
3Wirtanen Group60884301473.83
5S&A Women's MadnessWomen's Shot Charts!29394001459.26
7EPSN TOURNAMENT CHALLENGEBest man/woman win38500401429.71
9Nnekalesskpm's private dance party...26342001425.00
10GRP Women's Brackets49698101424.69
11ESPN Media Challenge W27383601420.74
12longshots revenge31437601411.61
13BoomstickShop Smart, Shop S-Mart42577901409.51
14ESPN OnlyFor love of the game1251657801404.92
15CDP NCAA Women's BB76919901393.79
16Iowa Intramurals24333901391.25
17New MINNICH groupWomen33458801390.30
18WomensPHSMadnessPHS Madness24332901387.08
19Fans of ConnecticutWe love Connecticut!11194140594201385.85
20Lynx Challenge48637401385.65
21D+P Media Bracket70911701381.36
22cwscWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over Jesus1001254601378.68
23teamworkplay nice!!!63868101377.94
24Board Junkies Know AllThe title says it all931275601371.61
28Fans of Grambling StateWe love Grambling State!31324301351.25
29Fans of VermontWe love Vermont!76958201349.58
30Grip it and Rip it60809201348.67
31Programming 201429376901346.07
32Fans of HartfordWe love Hartford!22282101343.33
33UW-L Rec SportsLet's Play28335701342.80
34Fans of DrexelWe love Drexel!24280801337.14
35Coops NCAA HoopsThere is no such thing as just a game.24320401335.00
36POTC 201476961101334.86
37The Golden Uber67827201334.19
38Lesco759kick butt1501999701333.13
392014 Lynx Challenge1902181901330.43
40women crunchersegg beaters21279301330.00
41Fans of Wake ForestWe love Wake Forest!64771201329.66
42Chicago Sky 2014Chicago Sky Basketball75903001327.94
43LeaderboardSimply the best32424001325.00
44Fans of TulsaWe love Tulsa!28290301319.55
45Detroit Beer LeagueBabes, Beer & B-Ball.....32329701318.80
46Seattle Mariners FansCan't wait for Felix day32408501317.74
47Fans of CharlotteWe love Charlotte!41420101312.81
48Fans of ColumbiaWe love Columbia!28288601311.82
49Fans of TempleWe love Temple!55576601310.45
50Fans of MissouriWe love Missouri!3183449501306.63
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