Top Groups

1Lesco759kick butt150+2409301544.42
2S&A Women's MadnessWomen's Shot Charts!35+398301531.92
3DeltaPhi Pledge ChallengeWinners train, Losers complain20+321101529.05
4The-Boneyard.comTen in Tampa!80+1151501515.13
5cwscWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over Jesus110+1748401494.36
6teamworkplay nice!!!60+739401478.80
8ESPN Media Challenge W20+325001477.27
9ESPN Programming30+437101457.00
10BoomstickShop Smart, Shop S-Mart50+769801452.45
11ESPN OnlyFor love of the game20+319301451.36
12Fans of Wright StateWe love Wright State!20+333801451.30
13Fans of Cal PolyWe love Cal Poly!30+376801449.23
14Fans of Wake ForestWe love Wake Forest!35+492101447.35
15Fever MVP Members 2015MVP Members of the Indiana Fever30+447801444.52
16SFTC FRIENDSBring this home30+474901439.09
17Iowa Intramural SportsJoin The Action!
18Fans of ConnecticutWe love Connecticut!9,000+119464001434.83
19Kelly March Madnessgive us some more cowbell!25+387401434.81
20Colorado #1 UBERPlayin' for da points!!!35+472501431.82
21Fans of Georgia TechWe love Georgia Tech!70+872701430.66
22Fans of Bowling GreenWe love Bowling Green!50+715301430.60
23Fans of NiagaraWe love Niagara!20+314201428.18
24POTC 201590+1241101426.55
25Fans of BradleyWe love Bradley!35+396101414.64
26Fans of ColumbiaWe love Columbia!20+311101414.09
27Fans of UNLVWe love UNLV!40+494501412.86
28HB Life Women's Tourney30+451001409.38
29Hill-Murray School20+309501406.82
30Seattle Mariners FansCan't wait for Felix day40+562101405.25
31woodrun warriors90+1179101403.69
32Grip it and Rip it60+842001403.33
33Fans of East CarolinaWe love East Carolina!40+490601401.71
34Women's March Madness60+742601401.13
35Board Junkies Know AllThe title says it all80+1176601400.71
36Clay Co KY Hoops StarsGO BIG BLUE40+557801394.50
37WOMEN'S TOURNY 201340+348401393.60
38Fans of XavierWe love Xavier!45+543401393.33
39Fans of Miami (OH)We love Miami (OH)!30+459201391.52
40Fans of Ole MissWe love Ole Miss!30+333901391.25
41Fans of PurdueWe love Purdue!190+2304801388.43
42Fans of Old DominionWe love Old Dominion!35+402601388.28
43HoopWallupDon't be shy - pack a WALLOP!20+291101386.19
44Fans of North TexasWe love North Texas!25+318701385.65
45TITLE IX SLAGCause women play sports too. Basketball is basketball!25+332001383.33
46Fans of CampbellWe love Campbell!30+414801382.67
47Fans of CornellWe love Cornell!30+414301381.00
48The Players ClubJust Win Baby100+1187301380.58
49UO_RECGo Ducks!25+316801377.39
50Fans of Illinois StateWe love Illinois State!30+399201376.55

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