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Top Groups

1Fans of LouisvilleWe love Louisville!34117320898001043.40
2Fans of Murray StateWe love Murray State!395295330813.58
3Fans of MichiganWe love Michigan!6173444427780798.56
4Fans of St. John'sWe love St. John's!17321195310778.20
5Fans of ProvidenceWe love Providence!1373954770778.13
6Fans of FIUWe love FIU!221152580774.52
7Fans of KentuckyWe love Kentucky!2425716478730771.01
8Fans of ManhattanWe love Manhattan!217144800770.21
9Fans of Seton HallWe love Seton Hall!859611920769.71
10Fans of Southeastern LouisianaWe love Southeastern Louisiana!13596810768.33
11Fans of Eastern KentuckyWe love Eastern Kentucky!265180970763.59
12Fans of SyracuseWe love Syracuse!3369122969640763.44
13Fans of UTEPWe love UTEP!707482640760.06
14Fans of Jackson StateWe love Jackson State!15699640754.85
15Fans of RutgersWe love Rutgers!26221780390754.72
16Fans of MarquetteWe love Marquette!70174810110754.05
17Fans of CincinnatiWe love Cincinnati!55913819040753.86
18Fans of MarshallWe love Marshall!694481250753.13
19Fans of Tennessee StateWe love Tennessee State!13593350752.82
20Fans of Florida A&MWe love Florida A&M!291193340752.30
21Fans of Eastern IllinoisWe love Eastern Illinois!270186510752.06
22Fans of Florida StateWe love Florida State!64104256960751.18
23Fans of Southern MissWe love Southern Miss!569388330751.12
24Fans of LamarWe love Lamar!165114100750.66
25Fans of Louisiana-LafayetteWe love Louisiana-Lafayette!369246830750.24
26Fans of CharlestonWe love Charleston!348229560750.20
27Fans of MaristWe love Marist!263182210749.84
28Fans of HoustonWe love Houston!894601210749.64
29Fans of LipscombWe love Lipscomb!13592920749.35
30Fans of South FloridaWe love South Florida!949651140749.30
31Fans of ConnecticutWe love Connecticut!95086366530749.09
32Fans of TennesseeWe love Tennessee!90276063260749.01
33Fans of Robert MorrisWe love Robert Morris!420289010748.73
34Fans of South CarolinaWe love South Carolina!35492400180747.95
35Fans of MercerWe love Mercer!189127840747.60
36Fans of Western CarolinaWe love Western Carolina!211145710747.23
37Fans of JacksonvilleWe love Jacksonville!13592610746.85
38Fans of RiceWe love Rice!288198550746.43
39Fans of Delaware StateWe love Delaware State!158111860745.73
40Fans of ClemsonWe love Clemson!35602430030745.41
41Fans of PittsburghWe love Pittsburgh!110257500130745.39
42Fans of UICWe love UIC!13491650745.12
43Fans of HofstraWe love Hofstra!274180990744.81
44Fans of Loyola (MD)We love Loyola (MD)!274187570744.33
45Fans of Eastern MichiganWe love Eastern Michigan!305209870744.22
46Fans of West VirginiaWe love West Virginia!71214823840743.04
47Fans of DuquesneWe love Duquesne!311210250742.93
48Fans of VirginiaWe love Virginia!37402532250741.94
49Fans of Georgia TechWe love Georgia Tech!25221711820741.69
50Fans of BuffaloWe love Buffalo!1366906260740.41