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Top Groups

1SVP & RussilloChallenge Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo49,000+30110560615.78
2SC30BracketChallenge Steph Curry!7,000+4537930614.98
3Mike & MikeBuild your own bracket of integrity900,000+592493190614.00
4The HERDChallenge ESPNRadio's The HERD!100,000+100937860611.68
5ESPNFantasy on FacebookBuild a better bracket than your Facebook friends900+522870611.54
6Joe Lunardi's GroupChallenge the Bracketologist59,000+35006250609.92
7Pardon The InterruptionChallenge the PTI team400,000+297546470609.14
8TMR vs. The WorldChallenge Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry11,000+6678930609.11
9Dick Vitale's GroupJoin this group! It's Awesome baby! With a capital A!77,000+46728520608.97
10Adrian Peterson's ContestWinner gets an autographed jersey!83,000+49565360606.65
11College Basketball NationThe official tourney challenge group of's CBN9,000+5472700606.06
12Kirk Cousins GroupChallenge NFL QB & former MSU Spartan Kirk Cousins7,000+4301020605.61
13SportsNation & The IAVAEvery fan is part of SportsNation300,000+185859360605.08
14Around The HornBracks on Bracks on Bracks200,000+150274780604.24
15Mike Conley's GroupChallenge Grizzlies PG Mike Conley8,000+4750250601.60
16Bubba Watson's GroupChallenge professional golfer Bubba Watson52,000+30589030601.15
17Celebrity CentralAll the celebrities in one group13,000+7781580600.80
18Al Horford's GroupChallenge the Hawks' Al Horford!10,000+6196830600.64
19Hope Solo's GroupChallenge soccer superstar Hope Solo18,000+10613890598.88
20Numbers Never LieTrust the Numbers46,000+27184950598.06
21Richard Hamilton's GroupChallenge Rip Hamilton!3,800+2181740597.08
22Candace Parker's GroupChallenge WNBA star Candace Parker9,000+5445550596.05
23Sedano & StinkChallenge Jorge Sedano and Mark Schlereth2,500+1492120594.23
24Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)Challenge Jimmy Kimmel25,000+14776600593.53
25Cam Jordan's GroupChallenge Saints DE Cam Jordan to Tournament Challenge!1,100+648690592.41
26The StreetTake on's Wall St. Pros in our Bracket Challenge5,000+3043360591.75
27Jesse Williams' GroupChallenge actor Jesse Williams!2,200+1251230590.76
28ESPNFantasy On TwitterBracket dominance 140 characters at a time @ESPNFantasy12,000+6945970589.19
29Michael Brockers' GroupChallenge Rams DT Michael Brockers1,700+995350588.96
30Danny Green's GroupChallenge Spurs Guard Danny Green11,000+6242260588.73
31Jordan Crawford's GroupChallenge Warriors SG Jordan Crawford4,100+2324350588.29
32Fantasy UndergroundIf you win, we will definitely not put you on the show.2,700+1577850587.87
33Kyle Korver's GroupChallenge NBA Forward Kyle Korver7,000+4566290587.83
34Terrence Ross' GroupChallenge Raptors SF Terrence Ross12,000+7091910587.76
35Reggie Jackson's GroupChallenge Thunder PG Reggie Jackson!8,000+4746360585.75
36Elton Brand's GroupChallenge the Atlanta Hawks' Elton Brand2,600+1455730584.40
37Shawne Merriman's GroupChallenge Shawne Merriman2,500+1426730584.01
38Felix Jones' GroupTest your basketball IQ3,800+2078480583.84
39Aaron Brooks' GroupChallenge Denver's Aaron Brooks4,000+2250300582.98
40Dwayne Harris' GroupChallenge Cowboys WR Dwayne Harris2,200+1258830581.71
41ESPN PokerEvery game is a coin flip4,000+2279630580.21
42Chris Ogbonnaya's GroupChallenge Browns FB Chris Ogbonnaya2,300+1307580578.58
43Thomas Robinson's GroupChallenge Portland's PF Thomas Robinson!4,300+2441680578.46
44Markieff Morris' GroupChallenge Suns PF Markieff Morris2,700+1528860577.15
45Chris Harris Jr.'s GroupChallenge Denver CB Chris Harris Jr.900+503500574.12
46Marcus Morris' GroupChallenge Suns PF Marcus Morris!2,500+1376340572.28

Play Tournament Challenge for your chance to win a $20,000 Best Buy gift card and a trip for two (2) to the 2015 Maui Jim Maui Invitational!

Total ARV is $29,950
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