Top Groups

1SVP & RussilloChallenge Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo4966830110560615.78
2SC30BracketChallenge Steph Curry!76834537930614.98
3Mike & MikeBuild your own bracket of integrity985698592493190614.00
4The HERDChallenge ESPNRadio's The HERD!167864100937860611.68
5ESPNFantasy on FacebookBuild a better bracket than your Facebook friends928522870611.54
6Joe Lunardi's GroupChallenge the Bracketologist5907435006250609.92
7Pardon The InterruptionChallenge the PTI team496171297546470609.14
8TMR vs. The WorldChallenge Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry114356678930609.11
9Dick Vitale's GroupJoin this group! It's Awesome baby! With a capital A!7766346728520608.97
10Adrian Peterson's ContestWinner gets an autographed jersey!8348049565360606.65
11College Basketball NationThe official tourney challenge group of's CBN93035472700606.06
12Kirk Cousins GroupChallenge NFL QB & former MSU Spartan Kirk Cousins72944301020605.61
13SportsNation & The IAVAEvery fan is part of SportsNation317634185859360605.08
14Around The HornBracks on Bracks on Bracks254182150274780604.24
15Mike Conley's GroupChallenge Grizzlies PG Mike Conley82064750250601.60
16Bubba Watson's GroupChallenge professional golfer Bubba Watson5243130589030601.15
17Celebrity CentralAll the celebrities in one group131167781580600.80
18Al Horford's GroupChallenge the Hawks' Al Horford!107506196830600.64
19Hope Solo's GroupChallenge soccer superstar Hope Solo1817310613890598.88
20Numbers Never LieTrust the Numbers4683027184950598.06
21Richard Hamilton's GroupChallenge Rip Hamilton!38132181740597.08
22Candace Parker's GroupChallenge WNBA star Candace Parker95575445550596.05
23Sedano & StinkChallenge Jorge Sedano and Mark Schlereth25651492120594.23
24Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)Challenge Jimmy Kimmel2518714776600593.53
25Cam Jordan's GroupChallenge Saints DE Cam Jordan to Tournament Challenge!1115648690592.41
26The StreetTake on's Wall St. Pros in our Bracket Challenge54533043360591.75
27Jesse Williams' GroupChallenge actor Jesse Williams!22651251230590.76
28ESPNFantasy On TwitterBracket dominance 140 characters at a time @ESPNFantasy124696945970589.19
29Michael Brockers' GroupChallenge Rams DT Michael Brockers1766995350588.96
30Danny Green's GroupChallenge Spurs Guard Danny Green110696242260588.73
31Jordan Crawford's GroupChallenge Warriors SG Jordan Crawford41322324350588.29
32Fantasy UndergroundIf you win, we will definitely not put you on the show.27221577850587.87
33Kyle Korver's GroupChallenge NBA Forward Kyle Korver78654566290587.83
34Terrence Ross' GroupChallenge Raptors SF Terrence Ross124997091910587.76
35Reggie Jackson's GroupChallenge Thunder PG Reggie Jackson!84094746360585.75
36Elton Brand's GroupChallenge the Atlanta Hawks' Elton Brand26331455730584.40
37Shawne Merriman's GroupChallenge Shawne Merriman25481426730584.01
38Felix Jones' GroupTest your basketball IQ38372078480583.84
39Aaron Brooks' GroupChallenge Denver's Aaron Brooks40792250300582.98
40Dwayne Harris' GroupChallenge Cowboys WR Dwayne Harris22741258830581.71
41ESPN PokerEvery game is a coin flip40442279630580.21
42Chris Ogbonnaya's GroupChallenge Browns FB Chris Ogbonnaya23641307580578.58
43Thomas Robinson's GroupChallenge Portland's PF Thomas Robinson!43972441680578.46
44Markieff Morris' GroupChallenge Suns PF Markieff Morris27551528860577.15
45Chris Harris Jr.'s GroupChallenge Denver CB Chris Harris Jr.905503500574.12
46Marcus Morris' GroupChallenge Suns PF Marcus Morris!25061376340572.28