Create a Group

  • Name your group

    Choose a name that describes the type of players you are trying to attract and/or is easily found in the Group Directory. Group names have a maximum character length of 25 spaces.

  • Give your group a motto

    Choose a motto that represents what your group is about and/or what kind of owner you're looking to attract. The motto has a maximum length of 64 characters.

  • Set a bracket to join the group

    Select a default bracket to automatically join this group.

  • Choose an unlocked or locked group

    To avoid participants swapping one of his/her more successful entries into your group, you may want to consider making your group a 'Locked' group. Once the first game of the tournament begins, entries in a 'Locked' group cannot leave the group, join a different group, or create a new group. You can create up to ten different entries.

  • Max Brackets Per User Limit

    You may set a limit to the maximum number of brackets per user that may join this group. A setting of "No Limit" will allow any bracket to join and is the default setting.

  • Choose public or private

    If you would like only people you know to only have access to the group, choose 'Private' and give your group a password. Otherwise, leave it as 'Public'. Private groups can also have group logos and group messages.


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