Top Groups

1Mike & MikeBuild your own bracket of integrity900,000+759903260856.39
2SVP & RussilloChallenge Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo45,000+38496200855.62
3ESPNFantasy on FacebookBuild a better bracket than your Facebook friends450+396020855.33
4Pardon The InterruptionChallenge the PTI team400,000+336667010850.73
5The HERDChallenge ESPNRadio's The HERD!100,000+90115090849.79
6Dick Vitale's GroupJoin this group! It's Awesome baby! With a capital A!100,000+111365140848.51
7His and HersMichael. Jemele. Brackets.31,000+26357670844.99
8Candace Parker's GroupChallenge WNBA star Candace Parker6,000+5069210841.50
9Will Ferrell & Kevin HartGet Hard and play against Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart!400,000+333758990841.04
10Around The HornBracks on Bracks on Bracks200,000+168019140840.99
11The StreetChallenge Jim Cramer and The Street in Tournament Challenge950+767770840.93
12Casey Hayward's GroupChallenge Packers CB Casey Hayward2,400+1938110839.01
13ESPN's SportsNationEvery fan is part of SportsNation100,000+157704620836.70
14Joe Lunardi's GroupChallenge the Bracketologist21,000+17999350834.50
15Sedano & StinkChallenge Jorge Sedano and Mark Schlereth2,700+2217070831.30
16Sue Bird's GroupChallenge Sue Bird to Tournament Challenge3,100+2547060829.12
17TMR vs. The WorldChallenge Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry6,000+5496720828.94
18ESPN ChalkTake on our betting experts in Tournament Challenge3,700+2977800827.63
19Robert Flores GroupSince we can't pick favorite 90's RnB groups, we'll do hoops900+738810827.33
20Super Tues. B1G ChallengeChallenge Mike Tirico, Dan Dakich and more!1,600+1315280827.22
21Derrick Favors' GroupChallenge Jazz PF Derrick Favors in Tournament Challenge6,000+5011430824.93
22The Dave Rothenberg ShowChallenge ESPNRadio's Dave Rothenberg1,100+926340824.15
23Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)Challenge Jimmy Kimmel100,000+101843480822.92
24Cousin Sal's GroupChallenge Cousin Sal and friends in Tournament Challenge5,000+4365140822.52
25Chris Harris Jr.'s GroupChallenge Denver CB Chris Harris Jr.2,700+2208060822.37
26Virgil Green's GroupChallenge Broncos TE Virgil Green1,400+1165420821.88
27Common's GroupChallenge Common!5,000+4205090820.67
28Jeff Goodman's GroupChallenge ESPN Insider Jeff Goodman1000+856460820.36
29ESPN PodCenterChallenge our ESPN Podcenter hosts!2,100+1727020820.05
30Eric LeGrand's GroupChallenge Eric LeGrand1,700+1433950818.93
31Celebrity CentralAll the celebrities in one group24,000+19050840817.81
32Jesse Williams' GroupChallenge Jesse & download his new podcast: The Open Run Show1,500+1247250817.33
33ESPN's CBB TeamChallenge's college basketball contributors2,900+2348120816.74
34Soccer GodsChallenge Nando and Car from Fusion's Soccer Gods5,000+4252560815.92
35Eric Young's GroupChallenge Impact wrestling superstar Eric Young1,400+1135100814.86
36Steven Johnson's GroupChallenge Broncos LB Steven Johnson1,100+939960813.82
37Michael SymonChallenge The Chew's Chef Michael Symon to Tournament Challenge2,000+1649310812.47
38Flo Rida's GroupTake on Flo Rida in Tournament Challenge!11,000+9225510812.46
39Zach Sudfeld's GroupChallenge Jets TE Zach Sudfeld to Tournament Challenge!1,100+882800812.14
40ESPNFantasy On TwitterBracket dominance 140 characters at a time @ESPNFantasy10,000+8250050811.13
41Highly Questionable ESPNAre you intrigued?19,000+15178880808.51
42ABC Family StarsChallenge your favorite ABC Family stars8,000+6434910806.18
43Paula Faris' GroupChallenge Good Morning America's Paula Faris1,300+996760803.84
44Tyler Patmon's GroupChallenge Cowboys CB Tyler Patmon1000+799730800.53
45ESPN PokerEvery game is a coin flip3,900+3054170799.31
46Felix Jones' GroupTest your basketball IQ2,200+1808200798.67
47Star Wars RebelsChallenge cast members of Star Wars Rebels9,000+7110190796.21
48The MuppetsChallenge The Muppets!12,000+9405820793.61
49Alexis MadrigalChallenge Fusion's Alexis Madrigal in Tournament Challenge800+611430761.43

Play Tournament Challenge for your chance to win a $20,000 Best Buy gift card and a trip for two (2) to the 2015 Maui Jim Maui Invitational!

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