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Let The Madness Begin

By Scott Cullen

Wichita State Shockers

Peter G. Aiken/USA TODAY Sports
Will Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall and point guard Fred VanVleet make a return trip to the Final Four this year, this time as a much higher seed?

Welcome to the 2015 Men's Tournament Challenge, your chance to picks college hoops winners and come away victorious following the Final Game, which goes April 6 as Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Make your picks for 63 tournament games starting Thursday, March 19. You accumulate points for each correct prediction so, once your bracket is filled out, step back and watch your picks in action. Keep your fingers crossed for the upsets you have picked and hope that you don't get your bracket busted by others.

As the tournament progresses, point values increase, so it's one thing to get those early-round results, but nailing the Final Four is going to bring premium value. If you finish with the most points, you'll take home a cool $5,000 prize.

The great thing about the tournament is that you can take different approaches. You can take all the data - quality wins, RPI, strength of schedule and so on - put it into the mix and handicap your way through it.

Or, you can play the hunch game. You like a team's uniform color or mascot? Go with it. Upsets are bound to happen and you might just come up big if you correctly predict the right lower seed to advance.

All the better, you can pick up to 10 different brackets, so you can employ different strategies throughout.

Make your picks, set up a group with friends, co-workers, lifelong rivals or arch-enemies to compete head-to-head.

Kentucky may be the prohibitive favorite, but it's never an easy ride, no matter how strong the best teams may be and if the majority of picks are riding with the Wildcats, there may be more value to be found elsewhere.

Take your best shots and, if you make enough, you could be making plans to spend that prize money!

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